Released 18.08.2017
Type Jackpot Slots
Provider EGT
Theme Fairy Tale
RTP 96.18%
Reels 5
Rows 4
Paylines 40

Brave Cat

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The fairy tale „Puss in Boots“ is while spread all over the world. This is one of the most famous stories that have been spoken since sixteenth century. This story about a brave and very intelligent cat who managed to receive wealth by his smart actions and decisions dates back more than 500 years. Thanks to the cat‘s tricks his owner who had been a poor person with no inheritance, had the opportunity to marry the wealthy and beautiful princess. This animal brings happiness to his master and to himself. Nowadays, the character of the cat is very popular by the Shrek films where the voice of the Puss was presented by the popular acor Antonio Banderas. During the years the story about Puss in Boots has been changed. The plot is not the same as the original one five centuries ago but the character is still remembered by the audience and spread all over the world. The small children have heard about the cat that makes his owner‘s personal life a dream one.

It is precisely this prospect of the good cat used in the game Brave Cat. The slot machine uses the software EGT Interactive. In this wonderful game you take your own personal magic adventure where your luck depends on an aristocratic kitten. If it is on your side you could win a great prize. The Brave Cat video slot is a five spool machine that has a 4x5 layout. It interacts with real money if it is played at online casinos. This means that the magic cat could bring wealth to people nowadays and the myth about its benevolence is reborn.

The aim of the game is a simple one – the players need to match the symbols from left to right across the reels, with longer consolidations it is possible larger payouts to be achieved. The playes should be attentive for paired scatter symbols which could help them to obtain access to a special property. In this game there are who kings and castles that are purchasable. The gamblers have the opportunity to enjoy a free spins bonus round. When these rotations are over, the players have the chance to risk the money that they have won and to double it if the good fortune is on their side.

The topic of this video game is quite elementary. Most people like cats because they are very lovely animals and provoke good feelings in people‘s hearts. When a character that is liked is put into the past and reminds people of times of fairy tales, the effect of something magic, something unique is incredible. Throwing the cute cat in a medieval castle full of wealth attracts the players attention. This game includes some nice symbols that could appeal to a rather broad audience. The Brave Cat Slot machine is a game with moderate volatility. It combines the potential for high-paying rotations with fairly successive wins so that random, low limit gamblers won’t become too much bored during losing streaks.

In this game you can play and enjoy:

  • The image of the cat from the fairy tale „Puss in Boots“;
  • The EGT software;
  • Matching the symbols from left to right across the reels that gives the opportunity for the players to win money;
  • The image of the cat placed in the medieval times makes this game more unique and attractive for the gamblers free slots.
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