Released 24.02.2015
Type 3D Slots
Provider Betsoft
Theme Fairy Tale
RTP 96.53%
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 15


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Pinocchio slot is from the group of free casino video slots. An interesting book from our childhood is at the base of this slot. This book's name is Pinocchio. It is by the Italian writer Carlo Collodi. Walt Disney created a film with the same character. But believe it or not the game's graphics are much better. They are bright and colourful and remind us the happiest time of our life – the childhood. 

This 5-reel game offers its customers a choice to play with 15 different winning lines. Free spins bonus features can be also found in it. Like most free slot games, Pinocchio can be enjoyed and played on different devices: the screen of the mobile phone devices, the desktop of personal computers, Macbooks tablets, iPads ect.

Main Characters

Two main characters are pulling the strings in the Pinocchio slot. You will meet Pinocchio himself and his father - Mister Geppeto. Their symbols appear non stop on the slot reels. Additionally to the main characters many different creations by Geppeto can be seen in this unique slot. For example, a sledge and a clock. The list won't be full if we don't mention the beautiful gypsy caravan, Pinocchio's story book, the cage (where he was in a prison). Multiple bright coloured letters can be seen all around Pinocchio's classroom. An interesting puppet show can be watched on a stage. Besides all these attractions many different pretty wooden objects created by Mister Geppeto are all around the woodcutter's room. All these remind you the time when you were a child.

Main Features

There is a big variety of paying symbols in this slot. They all provide a full range of paying options too. For 3 matching symbols the lowest payout is five. For some letters with the maximum 3 symbols the payout will be twenty. The payout for 4 symbols is from 15 to 75. For 5 symbols the payouts are from 60 to 500. The maximum (500) is paid for five matching Pinocchios.

And an other good surprise is waiting for you in the slot - the Milo feature may appear on its reels. Its precious role is to increase your winnings. You can look for the line view option on the right-hand side. It will guide you showing the paylines you should play.

Another possibility for the active players is Real Boy Mode. It gives them the unique chance to unlock special features.

As another option players can try the free Fairy Spins as well.

The choice is completely yours!


The minimum betting option is 0.02. The maximum option is 1.0. Between these are: 0.5, 0.1, 0.25 and 0.5. With other words the minimum bet is 0.02 x 1 line = 0.02. The maximum bet is 1.0 x 15 lines. And this is valid for all levels of players. Advanced players can use  the Bet per Line button. It allows to make different combinations – you can  alter your stake between 1 and 5 times the maximum bet x lines combination. If you want to apply your maximum stake, you can do it easily. Do it just by pressing the  maximum bet button. In addition to all these, there is an autoplay button.  This one allows you to set your stake, coin and bets per line for a number of automatic spins (5-100). This time you can simply sit comfortably in your cozy living-room and let Geppeto pull the stings for you. Amazing, isn't it?


As most free slot games, Pinocchio slot is definitely played for fun. Actually, the more you play the more you enjoy it. But at the end you will be rewarded!

Anna Davis


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