Released 01.10.2014
Provider WMS
Theme Asian
RTP 95%
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 20

Arabian Charms

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The game, a Slot with 20 paylines, will open the door for you to show off Arabian Charms. You will instantly think of treasures. Snakes in Arabian tales are the guardians of treasures, and you will see Snake symbols here. The snake in the symbol is coiled inside a basket, perhaps it is there that you will find something precious after you uncover the secret of Arabian charms. You will also see a symbol of a guy who looks like Aladdin. Aladdin was the person who had the luck to uncover a whole cave filled with treasures. His lookalike’s symbol is really promising, so use the advantages of Arabian charms to get to wins, the Aladdin lookalike symbol will help you. Among the other symbols we should mentioned the Genie symbol. The Genie looks powerful, he is responsible for miracles in Arabian tales. Here he is so smiling and ready to help you get your wins. So you should be prepared to enter the strange world of Arabian tales where you will hear music in the background as you enjoy the colors of the game and its symbols.

The colors in the game are typically Arabian, with lots of purple, green, orange. In the background, there will be mist which will slightly reveal typical Arabian towers. Perhaps that is a city where Arabian charms are in full swing. Part of it must be present on the screen, in the reels, where the symbols are ready to be spun and used to make winning combinations. The gold is always the color of treasures, because it is the color of gold, and gold coins are bound to be featured in the treasures in Arabian Charms. You will be especially thrilled when the Wheel appears, and the Genie is on it, a very detailed and crisp symbol, which seems to be able to come alive any moment.

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You will instantly see which symbol plays the part of the Wild, because there is the Wild word on it. The Wild will replace any of the symbols here, excepting the Scatter. The Scatter here is the bonus symbol. It is your key to the bonus round, entitled the Golden Trail. The round can be activated with the bonus symbol on reels 2, 3, and 4.

There, too, you will be made happy with the Arabian Charm, a feature which will improve your wins in a very nice way, when you see dust, not ordinary, but magical dust, fall from the logo on the top, and land on the symbols. That will make your spin a winning one if you lost. And if your spin is a winning one, it will up it even more, and that will happen by changing the symbols that are on the reels. Rest assured that you will often have the opportunity to enjoy the feature. So that is a hefty reason to motivate you to play. With it, your wins will really rise to heights which will make you feel very pleased.

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