Released 08.02.2016
Type 3D Slots
Provider Betsoft
Theme Asian
RTP 95.3%
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 30

4 Seasons

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Betsoft Gaming presents a new video slot called 4 Seasons, that the players with a flair for slot gambling will mostly enjoy. Its main theme is based on the Chinese zodiac and the game is played on a 5x3 cartoonish grid situated in a realistic and visuals rich settings. Thirty fixed pay-lines and the plenty possible combinations mean a lot of cash for the players to put in their pockets. The game is suitable for any player as the coin denomination range varies from 0.02 to 1. Being written in HTML5 format, 4 Seasons can be played both ways at players’ leisure – either via desktop or via a mobile device, in case the mobile version is preferred.

Playing 4 Seasons Slot

The animalistic topic of the Chinese zodiac and its twelve zodiac signs are effectively incarnated by numerous creatures that correspond to each sign. Amongst them, you will find a dog, a pig, a monkey, a snake, etc. Each symbol is portrayed with a sense of caricature - big eyes staring at, big ears perking and faces smiling.

Here is a brief preview of the game’s symbols and rules. If you find a Chinese Yin and Yang symbol, that means gold. You can find also an icon of a golden cat, it is a wild creature. Matching follows simple rewarding rules – no matter which, every animal symbol combination of five gives 50, of four give 20 or of three gives 10. These winnings can be multiplied by the Seasonal Wheel.


The aforesaid Yin Yang icons and the wild golden cat symbol play a key part of the game, so better watch out! The golden cat has the function to swap all symbols, but the Yin Yang shuffle. If you get five cats, you will win a remarkable jackpot of 10 000 credits.

If you nail three or more Yin Yang symbols somewhere on the reels, you’ll be granted the right to some free spins. The bet remains the same as for the activated spin and extra free spinning can be gained throughout that bonus, depending on the number of the Yin Yang symbols you touch down. If you land three Yin Yang icons you’ll get eight free spins; four makes 12, and five generates 20. The shuffles are meant only to deliver free spins and they themselves are not connected to any payments.


The Seasonal Wheel is the last, but not the least joyous invention in the 4 Seasons with its twelve images of zodiac animals. You can find the wheel on the down left corner of the game display, just under the reels. It activates every 30 spins, imitating the crossing of a month and gilding the animal it touches upon. The marked as “golden” symbol will now multiply by 10 any rewards it is engaged into, thus giving you the prospect of seriously thickening your pay wallet. The animals symbols located on the left and right of the golden one, turn into ‘silver’ and their value is multiplied 5 times. This rule extends to the subsequent three animals on the left and right of the silver animals, each of them going with a 2x multiplier. It is easily recognizable which animal icon has multipliers enclosed: they will be indicated in the respective color, golden, silver or bronze by cords and rings.


Why is the game named 4 Seasons, after all? Well, every 90 spins, the settings entirely change and if you play long enough you will see the whole 4 seasons, merging into one another with their typical element of nature.

Play 4 Season in all season and you will get a fulfilling experience with:

  • Countless amazing rewards and great bonuses;
  • Luring scenery and visuals;
  • Asian exotics and zodiac thrill
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