Released 09.02.2013
Provider Microgaming
Theme Space
RTP 97.05%
Reels 3
Rows 3
Paylines 27


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Supernova will lead us into the space theme again, thanks to Microgaming, in free play. This game will present you with a screen on which you will have sparkling supernovas. That is an outstanding sight online, because supernovas are often observed in other galaxies, but in the Milky Way they are difficult to see because of dust. The last supernova noticed in our galaxy was recorded in 1604, so feel lucky to see these extraordinary features here in the Slot machine. Supernovas are formed in two ways. The first one is when two stars, orbiting the same point, interact, and the smaller one absorbs lots of matter from the other one, so that it explodes. The other type of forming a supernova is when a star's mass gets into its core, and causes it to collapse and explode. It is a relief to learn that our Sun does not have enough mass to go on and turn into a supernova.

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The opening screen introduces you to perks in the game, like 27 ways, which means 27 paylines, and the multiplier feature, with an appealing 10x in red which is bound to attract you. Such high multipliers up wins to free Vegas style Slots. Then you will see the screen filled with supernovas which sparkle in different colors. The Wild will have the substituting power characteristic of Wild symbols. The multiplier feature will surely be in the foreground for you. All the wins that you get on the first 3 reels will be able to activate it, on the multiplier reels, which are featured separately, on the right side of the screen. All your payouts won will be upped by the multiplier value which is seen in the middle of the first reel, on the multiplier reels on the right. If you see another multiplier come up in the middle, on the second reel in the right side reels, then it will also be upped by that multiplier. But when you see the worm hole, you must know that this symbol will terminate the feature.

The theme of space and what it has in its infinite expanse is fascinating for many people, including a host of dedicated punters. They enthusiastically play free Slots online themed on space. Now people are even able to book flights in space as tourists, though this type of trip is not so popular. It will be outstanding to get a glimpse into the depths of space with this Microgaming Slot, to feel lost in the vast expanse, and to be dazzled by the supernovas. What is also unusual and fascinating for keen punters is the arrangement of the reels, with 3 reels on the left, and the other 2, dedicated to multipliers, on the right. You will surely not mind the division into two groups of reels, because with the two right side reels, ready to yield multipliers, your wins will soar very pleasantly. Though you will only find the multiplier feature here, you will be compensated for the lack of other features by the dazzling supernovas.

Supernovas in online play will open another world for you:

  • with supernovas and worm holes
  • with multipliers
  • with an unusual reels arrangement.

When the spinning starts, and multipliers start springing up, you will be more than rewarded.

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