Released 15.03.2015
Provider EGT
Theme Sevens
RTP 95.88%
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 5

20 Burning Hot

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When a new video slot game is in process of creation, its developers follow different directions. It is very important to be analysed deeply the main objective of the game, the target group of the potential players, the design such as the elements, background, the animation which is included in it and the sounds that are additional part of it as a whole and give a peculiar look to the game. The directions that the developers of the casino slot machine could observe can be to license a famous media property, to make an innovative special trait, or possibly to propose a big prize that will catch the attention of new plungers. Sometimes, only a few variations could make the big change. If some new elements are added or if the conception of the game could be changed a little bit, this could provoke new responds. Even if just the title of the video game is a new one, this could attract new players.

A similar strategy of a small change is applied in the video slot game 20 Burning Hot. The software is EGT Interactive. Maybe you have already heard about this name and it sounds familiar to you. This is because you have known or have played the original game Burning Heart. In fact, the video game Burning Heart is very popular one and is widely spread in most of the casinos all over the world. The newest version of it is 20 Burning Hot. It is not very different from the original game but it has got a lot more actions to every single spin.

This new game is currently in development. It is a modernised version of the original one and uses another software. For the creation of the video game The Burning Heart it was used EGT software. But for 20 Burning Hot is exploited EGT Interactive software. Because of the fact that 20 Burning Hot is a game which use Burning Heart as a basis, the interface of it possibly will not be very different from the original one.

Dark spools are ordered against a green background, and the symbols feature graphics that is elaborated and fascinating, if not especially impressive.

In this game there are also a great variety of betting options like in every video game using EGT software. There are different choices for prizes according to the budget of the gamblers. If they bet a little amount of money the possible premium for them will be less than if they bet a huge amount of money. Moreover, there is a possibility 20 Burning Hot to be offered as a free version on the website of the company and in many casinos where this game is expected to be carried.

As with the remainder of their collection, this game will also be optimized for mobile phones and everybody who is eager for playing it on his IPhone, tablet or Android will have this opportunity soon. It is wide spread the aphorism "Panta rhei" or in other words "everything flows" used by the ancient Greek phylosopher Heraclitus or survived as a quotation of his. This phrase could be accepted and applied in different fields of knowledge, for example the technology one. The new games are a better creation of their previous ones and combine new improvements, elements or backgrounds with the main idea to be more widely liked.

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