Released 15.06.2011
Provider Betsoft
Theme History
RTP 91.94%
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 30

2 Million B.C.

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2 Million B.C. Slot game of Betsoft's is designed for the fans of the prehistoric period who are fascinated by the mysteries of the Stone Age. It is an excellent choice for players who prefer interesting and user-friendly free slots online rather than complicated rules of bonuses and rewards. The attractive background and the sound effects of the game resemble an animated movie and dive the players deeply into the prehistoric atmosphere. So, jump back in times and let the journey begins!

2 Million B.C. rules overview

Betsoft provides more sophisticated games than 2 Million B.C., but it is really worth trying your chances on it because the game is truly enjoyable. The game’s story is simple - a land before times stood still and silent before woman’s greed for diamonds sent one man to an epic journey and adventure of his lifetime to seek treasures in the jungle.

2 Million B.C. comes from Slot3 Series of Betsoft. The players can select from 30 paylines and 5 reel slots. The largest bet for a line is 5 coins in total with a coin denomination scope from $0.02 to $1. The bet on a sole spin is limited to $150 at the most. The main target is the same as in other slot games - various symbols have to be matched within your operative paylines. The left to right combinations gets you coins. All 2 Million B.C. symbols illustrate the Stone Age way of life and represent cave drawings, gems, sabertooth tigers, cavewomen, clubs and other artifacts, typical for the time. Matching 2 symbols in a payline usually can gain you a prize. To win, however, you need to match three symbols. Different features of the game may be unlocked by certain symbols, for example, if three or more fire symbols match in a payline you gain free spins, if three acorns match the Saber attack bonus game will be unlocked, and so on.

Bonus Rounds in 2 Million B.C. Slot

The gameplay of 2 Million B.C. is really tempting with its caveman theme. As one of the earlier modifications of the 3D slot series of Betsoft, 2 Million B.C. slot does not have the sophisticated voice work and complicated animations which are present in its new releases. Despite that, the game has still plenty to offer to every free slots vegas game fan. The background of the game is designed to capture the wilderness of Stone Age with plenty of rock bars and blazing fires leading you throughout the play. The game’s animation is limited and yet little tricks like onscreen fires and the interactions of caveman make the play quite enjoyable. A subtle yet inventive twist is the night mode turns on when a free spin rolls during the game. The archaic sound also adds to the atmosphere and goes well with the overall theme. The relaxed jungle sounds and the roars of the caveman will prompt you to go forward if it takes too long for your next move. 

There are some interesting bonuses throughout the game, the diamond bonus being the best of them. If you hit 3 diamond symbols or more on the reel, this bonus will gain you up to 200 credits. Another bonus round that is played in a new screen needs you to help the caveman steal a diamond from the saber tooth. You will be hinted by the game the different ways to do that and the more diamonds your caveman steal, the higher your reward will be.

2 Million B.C. Slot Machine is a great game to play for its:

  • Enjoyable overall presentation;
  • Easy and rewarding rule;
  • Lots of fun and bonuses.
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