DBest Rank 95
Released 28.11.2006
Provider Microgaming
Theme Animals
RTP 88.12%
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 25

Mega Moolah

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Dive into the heart of the African safari with Mega Moolah, a thrilling slot game brought to life by Games Global. This iconic 5-reel, 25-payline game invites players on an adventure with the promise of riches, featuring massive jackpots that often reach into the millions. Despite its release in 2006, Mega Moolah remains a heavyweight contender in the online slot arena. Let's delve into what makes this safari-themed slot a must-play.

Game Details: Jackpots, RTP, and More

At the core of Mega Moolah's appeal is its straightforward gameplay. Line up matching symbols or wilds across the reels, and you're in for a win. Betting ranges from 0.25 to 6.25 per spin, catering to both casual players and those aiming for the jackpot. While the RTP sits at 93.42%, it's the life-changing jackpot potential that keeps players coming back.

The game's low volatility and a 46.36% hit frequency mean wins come frequently, creating a steady stream of excitement. But it's the colossal jackpots that truly set Mega Moolah apart, dwarfing the max win of 1,955x your stake.

Theme and Design: Immersive Safari Experience

Step into the vibrant Serengeti National Park, where Mega Moolah sets its scene. Although it may not boast the latest graphics, its charming design and ambient sounds create a captivating safari atmosphere. From the roar of lions to the majestic sight of elephants, the game's symbols bring the safari to life, making every spin an adventure.


  • Record-breaking jackpot wins
  • Engaging safari theme
  • Bonus features that elevate the excitement


  • Graphics show their age
  • Lower RTP compared to some modern slots
  • Expanding Universe: Mega Moolah and Beyond

Bonus Features: Free Spins and the Jackpot Wheel

Mega Moolah shines with its bonus features. Trigger the Free Spins round for 15 spins with a 3x multiplier, potentially stacking up for huge wins. Yet, the heart-stopping moment comes with the Jackpot Wheel Bonus Game, offering a shot at one of the four progressive jackpots.

Mobile Gaming: Safari in Your Pocket

Mega Moolah adapts flawlessly to mobile devices, ensuring the thrill of the hunt is never more than a tap away. Its seamless gameplay translates perfectly to smaller screens, making it a top pick for gaming on the go.

Mega Jackpot Wins: Dreams Come True

Mega Moolah's jackpots are legendary, with record-breaking wins that have changed lives. From a staggering €19.4 million jackpot to countless other millionaires made, the game's potential for enormous payouts is undeniable.

Final Verdict: A Timeless Slot Classic

Mega Moolah remains an irresistible draw for slot enthusiasts, blending simple yet engaging gameplay with the chance for monumental wins. Its blend of free spins, multipliers, and jackpots creates a winning formula that keeps players coming back. While it may show its age in graphics, the excitement of chasing those massive jackpots is timeless.

The success of Mega Moolah has spawned a plethora of themed spin-offs, from ancient Egypt to gothic horror. Each iteration offers a fresh twist on the beloved formula, with the same tantalizing jackpot potential. Whether you're exploring Norse mythology or the mysteries of ancient deities, the Mega Moolah family offers something for every adventurer.

Mega Moolah stands as a testament to what makes online slots so captivating. It balances the thrill of the chase with the allure of untold riches, proving that some classics just get better with age. For those drawn to the call of the wild, Mega Moolah is a journey worth taking.

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How can I start playing Mega Moolah?

Embark on your safari adventure with Mega Moolah at numerous online casinos. Simply visit your chosen casino website, search for Mega Moolah, set your betting preferences, and press the spin button to begin your journey.

Is there a way to play Mega Moolah without spending money?

Mega Moolah requires real money to play, with the smallest bet starting at $0.25. Beware of claims suggesting you can play without a deposit; these are often misleading. However, for those looking to play slots without financial commitment, explore our extensive range of free online slots. Here, you can enjoy a variety of games without needing to deposit cash or create an account.

Where is the best place to play Mega Moolah for real stakes?

For real money play, Mega Moolah is available at many leading online casinos. To protect your funds, we endorse only the finest casinos. Our curated list of top online casinos for Mega Moolah enthusiasts guarantees you a secure, scrutinized, and authenticated gaming experience.

Can Mega Moolah be played on mobile devices?

Absolutely, Mega Moolah offers a seamless mobile gaming experience. Compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android systems, the game is perfect for on-the-go play, fitting splendidly on both smartphones and tablets.

What's the deal with the Mega Moolah jackpot?

Mega Moolah's allure lies in its progressive jackpot, where each bet contributes to the growing prize pool. The game features four progressive jackpots, offering boundless winning possibilities. The grand prize starts at a whopping 1,000,000 coins. Notably, in September 2018, a fortunate player from the Isle of Man bagged an eye-watering €18.9 million, highlighting the game's extraordinary payout potential.