Released 19.02.2009
Provider Playtech
Theme Summer
RTP 94.9%
Reels 3
Rows 1
Paylines 5

Tropic Reels

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In the tropics, there are many nice features, plenty of sun, greenery, colorful parrots, flowers. They are there for you, in Tropic Reels, so if you feel like a change from cold weather lacking sunshine, and, too, if you are longing for enjoyment, play this game. It offers you a trip into the world of tropics, with a multi spin feature, and each symbol area spinning independently of the other symbols. So you can see that that if at least one symbol spins on the first win line, the other reels will go on spinning, which is typical for Playtech’s multi spin Slots, to which this one belongs. The chances of winning are hefty, and the top prize is really heart melting: 12,500 coins.

Imagine you are in the hot tropics, and the palm trees provide you shade. You are just caressed by the breeze. This is what you are going to feel as you play the game with a massive list of payouts. Each of the symbols will reward you with a win, so prepare for bagging amounts as you play, and feel lucky.

Play Tropic Reels Slot Free Online

The symbols come in a rainbow of colors. Each combination of 3 differently colored symbols of one kind will reward you with a different amount of coins. There will be gold, red and blue parrots. You will see, too, lemons, limes, and oranges. The frog symbols will come in green, purple, and red. The flowers, too, will come differently colored, in red, gold, and blue. There, too, are tigers. The Tiger is this game’s Wild.

Please note that even a combination of symbols of one kind, but in different colors, will, too, bring you a win. This is valid for a combination of parrots, 3 of any colors, also about a combination of 3 Fruits, and the same holds true about a combination of any 3 Frogs, or any 3 Flowers. Finally, there will be rewards for combinations of parrots plus fruit. So the options of winning are many, and you just need to play and enjoy what comes your way. You can use the Hold button, to receive the lucky symbols you have chosen, and then spin again, to yield combinations to reward you.

The colorful game screen will capture your eyes and your attention, and the tropical theme will grab you with its warm sunny environment. Then, you will discover the appeal of the game, with the hefty capabilities for combinations to yield your wins.

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