Released 12.03.2014
Type 3D Slots
Provider Playtech
Theme Different
RTP 92.06%
Reels 5
Rows 4
Paylines 50

The Three Musketeers and The Queens Diamond

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For fans of the Three Musketeers story, this slot will be a captivating possibility to enter their world and enjoy their bravery, plus the hazards of the journey in the search for the Queen’s diamonds. You will form one group with them, and you will stand all for one, and one for all, as musketeers do. Duels await you, evil cardinals will stand in the way, and there will be no time to hesitate, for the adventures go on and on.

What will also captivate you from the very first instant is the gorgeousness of the graphics and animations, plus the sound, and, naturally, the bonus games. The Slot has 5 reels, 50 paylines. The symbols are of regal splendor, with velvet gloves, crowns and jewels, the Queen’s Diamond, plus the musketeers and their dueling pistols and cutlasses. The Wild is, funnily, the WILD icon. It will come out only on reels numbers 2,3,4. It can also come out stacked, and then hefty potential wins are possible.

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Expect funny animations when you get a winning combo. The combo will feature scattered musketeers. Then the musketeers will start jumping in sequence. For a mini bonus, strive to match each musketeer with his weapon. Then the musketeer will start acting, reach to the neighboring reel, grab the sword from there, and dash on. Your bonus now will be one respin, with a random reel covered wholly by Wilds. The respins will come to you when you match Porthos and Athos with their weapons. Matching Aramis with his daggers will bring you a prize in cash. It is the most rewarding when you hit all the three intrepid musketeers in a combo, and this winning feature will bring you multiple features to benefit from.

With free spins as bonus for your hitting Scatters on reels numbers 1 and 5, you can enjoy perks and retriggering of the free spins. It will be a hefty piece of luck when you hit d’Artagnan’s bonus icon, on Reels numbers 2 and 4. Then, the Queen’s Diamond Bonus will be triggered. D’Artagnan himself will make the reels go away and the bonus round will invite you, so that you can look for the diamond and be rewarded for that with a massive cash prize. Your adventures in this bonus will involve risks and adventures. You will have to choose a rope bridge, the one among the three rope bridges, to get across to a castle and earn cash in bonus, too. With a catapult you will be able to dash upwards to the castle walls and go inside. Your success in doing so will also enable you to win cash, or you will be able to get extra ‘lives’ to have spares in the event that some risky event comes around. There are two more such bonuses on the way, and if you are lucky to get to the end stage, the task there will be to make a choice among three chest of treasures. The diamond is in one of the chests, so the big win is around the corner. The spare ‘lives’ you have gathered will now turn into bonus multipliers.

Excitement galore, with brave musketeers on your side, will accompany you as you play this game.

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