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Play Roulette Pro to feel like a professional gambler. This is a free online roulette of European roulette type. The sleek design will urge you to play this game with 36 numbers and a zero. On it, you will have the opportunity to make call bets: Voisins du Zero, Orphelins, Tier, Neighbors, Final Bet, etc. The online gaming here will not be complicated, so you will be able to devote sufficient time to entertaining yourself by spinning the wheel and expecting the decision of chance. This is the prequel to another roulette game, Premium Roulette Pro. But although there is a sequel, you will find plenty of entertainment and attractive features in this version.

When you start getting familiar with this game in free play, you will have the same goal as with other roulette counterparts. You will have to guess the pocket in which the ball on the wheel will land at the end of the spin. Your correct guess will provide you with a nice payout. Playtech is a household name because of the graphics and the 3D design of its games, and the modern technology used to create this roulette version.

Now, when you are ready, make your wager, and then spin the wheels. As you press the Spin button, the wheel will start turning. As we mentioned above, you can make call bets here. You will also have the chip piles, to the right of the wheel. The bets and the wins are shown top right, and the options for betting below: betting on the first 12 numbers, on the second 12 numbers, on the third 12 numbers, on 1 to 18, on 19 to 36, on even or odd, on red or black. You will see what call bets you can make: they are shown bottom left. The Spin button is also on the left.

You will not have a combo of a bonus with the roulette, like in some modern versions. But you can use the other bonuses that are extended by casinos online. The feeling owing to the 3D graphics will be like playing in a real casino. The table color can be changed in the palette offered in real casinos, the wheel looks like real, and there are realistic accompanying sound effects too, like the clicking of the chips.

For playing roulette games online for free, Playtech is a trusted choice for players who have experience. Follow in their footsteps, and get acquainted with this Pro version by playing it. The European style will again provide a low house edge, which means it will be more rewarding for the players.

The game which will offer you a Pro experience will appeal with its opportunities:

  • for rewarding playing with a range of bets
  • for realistic gaming experiences
  • for the whole bundle which it extends to punters who play it.

Even beginner players will find it easy to play, to get familiar with the European style in roulette. But punters which experience behind them will also find it appealing. Just check by playing the Pro version, and spin the wheel to find out how lavish chance is towards you today.

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