Released 23.07.2015
Type High Roller Slots
Provider EGT
Theme Money
RTP 96.11%
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 25

Rich World

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Have you ever dreamt to be rich and to live in a world where luxury is accepted as something pretty normal? Have you ever imagined being in among glamorous surroundings? This could happen to you and your dream will come true through the free casino video slots called „Rich World“.

This game will give you the opportunity to live like a lord in a glamorous world full of countless pleasures. It will enrich your ideas for the lifestyle of the wealthy people. You will have the chance to be attracted by the flashy flats, precious jewellery and jet set lifestyle.

The online game „Rich World“ is created by the EGT Interactive software. There are five reels arranged in the standard 5 x 3 constellation with a maximum of 25 paylines. They can be modified but unlike other slots, there’s set raises that let you choose between 1, 5, 10, 20 or the full 25 paylines.

The bet per line determines the level of the payment. The most inferior possible bet per active payline is one credit. It could be grown up to twenty-five, fifty, one hundred and twenty-five, two hundred and fifty or even five hundred. This emphasizes on the fact that the more you bet, the more you win but there are risks, of course. More risks means either high wins and high loses. It depends on the luck of the gamblers. The theory-based RTP for the game „Rich World“ is not registered but it is known that it is with medium volatility, ranking at 2/5 for variation.

There are some free slots if you spin the right symbols. In this game also the wild icons could be found. They can help you to win a prize easily. There are also scatter symbols in the „Rich World“. If you succeed to touch down three or more of the scatter symbols, you will win free spins. In this game the maximum number of the free rotations that could be achieved is twenty-five. The gamble features are also available. They could be accepted as either advantage or disadvantage because of the risk that the gamblers could take choosing to use them. Doubling the amount of the won is possible but also loss. The words of the British business magnate Richard Branson are indicative on the topic of taking risk. He says „Take risks, don‘t avoid them.“ According to him we should not allow the fear of failure to become an obstacle for achieving our dreams. It is the same situation with this game „Rich World“. If you make an attemp maybe you will succeed in doubling your prize. In fact, if you want to reach a desired goal, you should take risks.

The game „Rich World“ contains a special jackpot bonus. It could be triggered arbitrarily during playing the game for the lucky one. Winning this bonus is a matter of luck. If you want to achieve it, you have to pick cards from the twelve set up face down. You will have the chance to keep turning over the cards while three matching suits are disclosed. If three identical suits are revealed, this means that the award is won.

By the game „Rich World“ you have the chance to:

  • be surrounded by luxurious things;
  • play video slot game which is created by the EGT Interactive software;
  • play on the five reels arranged in the standard 5 x 3 constellation with a maximum of 25 paylines;
  • to achieve different winnings depending on your bet;
  • to win a prize easily using the wilds;
  • to win free spins with the help of the scatter symbols;
  • to take the risk with the gamble features and to double you winnings or lose everything;
  • to play a really attractive game that will stay in your memories for a long period of time.
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