Released 03.03.2014
Provider Microgaming
Theme Magic
RTP 94.5%
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 25


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Get into the world of Norse myths with this game. The word means a series of grand events that are forthcoming, such as battles, and the results will be disastrous: either a god will die, or a natural disaster will strike. You may have played Spell of Odin, so that will be another entry into Norse mythology, in free play. Rest assured that after the grand battle or the disaster the wild will be renewed, and two surviving people will start the new human population. This will remind you of the story of Noah, so here is a similar one from Norse myths in this Slot machine. There will be the Norse gods, along with Odin – Thor, Jor, Freyr, Surtr, Fenrir. The names may not be familiar, but you will be immersed in a series of exciting events, as you play online on the 5 reels and 25 paylines. You will have plenty to do here: collect random magic runes, to unlock battles with them, and these battles will not result in bloodshed. On the contrary, they will be highly lucrative for you, with palatable bonuses.

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The Wild will be represented by the Wild Rune. It will form its own winning combos, composed by multiple symbols. The Scatter will be represented by the mythical tree, Yggdrasil, whose branches will extend up to heaven. It is featured in Microgaming's Yggdrasil the Tree of Life. It will, on one hand, complete Scatter combos, with minimum 2 trees. More excitingly, minimum 3 tree symbols will trigger the Ragnarok bonus round.

Now let us describe the Ragnarok bonus in detail. There will be a choosing task in it. You will choose, and the wins you will get will comprise multipliers and free spins, and random amounts. Multipliers are always thrilling, forming Slots Vegas free rises in wins. As you play the regular game, you will need to collect magic runes, and they will serve as the keys for the game levels. On each level, there will be different battles due to rage. Each battle will yield a special prize for you. These will be the majestic battles:

  • between Thor and Jor
  • between Freyr and Surtr
  • between Odin and Fenrir.

Go through the 3 levels in this bonus round, and reap the wins. On level 1, there will be the Thor game. On level 2, which will require you to have 15 runes to unlock it, there will be 2 bonus games: Thor and Freyr. On level 3, where the runes needed to unlock it will have to be 30, the bonus games will comprise: Thor, Freyr, and Odin. The higher the level you are on, the more lavish the bonus offers will be, so as you play, it will be crucial to gather runes.

You will get a customized gaming experience, with the Auto Play, Options, and Statistics buttons. Make the development of the battles in Ragnarok not a gruesome, but a glorious succession of events, in free Slot pay no download. You will be inspired from the outset, by the fearful symbols of the Norse gods and the card symbols in peculiar style on the reels.

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