DBest Rank 95
Released 15.05.2017
Provider Playtech
RTP 97.3%

Premium French Roulette

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This game should be your choice to extend your practice in playing roulette games, and also to enjoy very good odds. It is very high in popularity, which is due to the featuring of the La Partage rule, which means that if you make a bet like an on or even, you will lose just half of your wager amount if the ball stops on zero for example. With the La Partage rule, you will be pampered by really great odds, and the casino house edge can go down to even 1.3%! That is why the odds coming with this free roulette online game are very good. Added to this are call bets and neighbor bets. And the game will turn into a special occasion if you use the possibilities for customizing the game, which is an European roulette version. You can do that in free play.

Well, let us start with the design. It is sleek, and like other Playtech roulette games online, it will enable you to change the color of the table and the angle of viewing. Plus, you will have the possibility to reverse the direction of spinning of the wheel.

You can see the call bet types by clicking on Announce Bets, which is located right, at the bottom. There will be Jeu Zero Tiers du Cylindre, Voisins de Zero. On the right, at the corner, is the history, which will be very useful. You can make your bets on the first 12 numbers, on numbers 13 to 24, or on numbers 25 to 36. You can also bet on odd or even, black or red. Bottom right is the Neighbor bets button, over the Announce Bets one.

Now let us explain in short what neighbor bets are. The wheel, as you will see, will be split into three sections, so you can bet on any of them. These bets are called section bets. But neighbor bets comprises 5 numbers. That means when you choose a number to use for such a neighbor bet, the five numbers will include that number, plus two numbers on one side, and two numbers on the other side.

Of course, you will master the game at a calm pace when you play online for free. That is especially advisable when you have little or no practice. Then you will become experienced, and you will master the rules of this roulette, which will teach you the rules of the European roulette option. But please note that because that roulette is a French one, the bet names will be given in French, together with the English names. For 1-18, you will have Manque, for 19-36 the French term will be Passe, for Odds it will be Impair, for Even it will be Pair. There will be a vast range of both neighbor bets and announce bets. To make it convenient for you, the developers have made it possible to highlight the numbers that the specific bet will cover, so when you choose a bet, you will know which number exactly you will be betting on. Don't forget to consult the history section, to right, which is great to provide information about the playing roulette online free.

You will have ample conveniences in this game, like:

  • the possibility to save bets, up to four
  • the tools for customizing your gaming
  • the range of bets to use.
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