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NEWAR Roulette

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The NewAR will come as an exciting option when you want roulette playing experiences with some enticing difference. Thanks to Playtech, you have NewAR. It is of the European roulette type, with one zero only on the wheel. This Playtech gamecomes with the conventional wagering table. However, there will be two more details added, which will up the excitementof playing roulette online for free. These new details comprise, first of all, one between Even and Red, which is marked as Even + Red / 0. The other one is between Black and Odd, and is Odd and Black / 0. So in the first one belong all the red numbers which are even, plus zero. In the second group, there are all the odd black numbers, plus zero.

Otherwise you will find all the other bets characteristic for this version. They comprise tier, orphelins, voisins du zero. If you have experience with such bets, you can use it. But if you are not yet proficient, you can check which numbers your potential wager will cover, by hovering the mouse over the racetrack. It will also be possible to make complete as well as half complete final bets.

So get the wheel spinning, with the smooth use of the control. You can listen to the soft background music, or choose to turn it off, if you don't want to get distracted. The history panel will make it convenient to track the last numbers landed, and you can, too, trace the percentage part of the table your bet is covering. For a personalized gaming experience, you can also choose some small details to change, like even the tablecloth color, or the wheel spinning direction, or even the angle of viewing of the camera. Then you can yield to the pleasure of watching the wheel spinning, and the ball bouncing on it, until it finally chooses a pocket on the wheel to stop on.

You can use any of the diverse options for betting which are available with the NewAR Roulette. There are odds and evens, red and black, and also specific numbers. Please note what the payout for the bet is, because for each of the bets the payout is unique.

What distinguishes the roulette game in this Playtech developed NewAR roulette from conventional playing of this game type is enough to ensure unique gaming conditions:

  • the possibilities for personalizing your game
  • the special setup of the board
  • the possibilities to trace the history of the game
  • the additional features.

You will also enjoy the fast enough pace of your gaming, which will up the thrills of online roulette games free playing. With the additional wagering opportunities, you will be able to place higher maximum bets, and expect to be rewarded more by chance. Just enjoy the fast spinning, and be inspired by the soft music sounding in accompaniment. Grab the chance of playing roulette with higher betting limits, and with more options for wagering, bundled in the NewAR Roulette game.

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