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Multi Wheel Roulette

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Roulette is exciting, but when you get more wheels, the excitement skyrockets. Playing roulette online free of a multi wheel type is unique, and Playtech know they will thrill the vast crowd of online gamers to the fullest. So here is the roulette with multi wheel playing, which will give you more chances. Who would not appreciate that? Well, there will be the same rules, so whether you have experience already or are just beginning, you will not be faced with the problem of memorizing more rules. But the multi action opportunity will surely make a great difference, because on each bet you will stand the palatable chance of winning many times.

Free play practice will help you learn the basics. The number of bets is up to you, and the type of bet is up to you too. For example, bet on a number, on whether the number to win will be odd or even, etc. If you love higher odds, and are tempted to try them in this multi wheel game, you can bet in a way which will cover fewer numbers. The bets here are of two main types: inside and outside ones. The inside bets will be on one number or on more than one, but specific numbers. To make an outside bet, you need to bet on larger sections. In general, according to the rules you must make an outside bet, even a minimum one. Inside bets can be big or small, but there is also a minimum limit.

Online free roulette playing will enable you to start a spin at your own pace and liking. Now expect the ball to land in one of the pockets, and you will see which bets win. If luck is on your side and you win, you will get the payout. Now multiply that for this multi wheel game. The Playtech game has six wheels, so prepare for sixfold chances to shower luck on you. You can still play it like the standard type of roulette, with a bet on a single result. But it is really an unmissable emotion to play on the six wheels, which will multiply your chances of winning. But you will need to multiply your bets, too. The results that will come out on each wheel will be independent of each other. That means you can win on a wheel and lose on another one. After the end of the spin, and after you have collected your wins, it will be time to start the next bet.

You must keep in mind that each bet is designed for fair payouts for the wheel with 36 pockets, and the 37th option is the zero. The latter is the advantage for the casino. When you bet on one or on two numbers, you will mostly lose, but if you are lucky to see that number or numbers win, the payouts will be hefty. When you bet on even, you will win more often, but the payout amounts will be smaller. Don't rush and take your time, when you play on many wheels.

Playing on multi wheels, in free mode, is a must to experience for punters:

  • with the sixfold thrills brought by the six game wheels
  • with the opportunity to practice inside and outside bets on those wheels
  • to gain practice in free multi wheel gaming and enjoy yourself.
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