Released 01.09.2012
Provider Microgaming
Theme Different
RTP 96.71%
Reels N/A
Rows N/A
Paylines 0

Max Damage and The Alien Attack

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For an experience in gaming online with a difference, open this game and see what it is like to engage in space shooting. From the start you will be advised that when an enemy ship explodes, it is time to place a wager. Moreover, whenever you fire your bullets, that will not cost you anything. This is in fact an arcade type game. Start controlling your spaceship by using the direction buttons and the spacebar. You can even make the game to fire in Auto Fire mode as you press it. Now it is important to be brave and also very careful. You must not let any alien spaceship creep by, because if it manages to do so, then you will lose a life. You must be careful not to destroy an enemy spaceship or a boss – that will mean that you will either lose a total bet, or you will have to lose 10 coins – that is what it will cost you. So you must play having in mind these rules, in order to be successful. You will enjoy not only the visual effects, but also the sounds accompanying your gaming experience. It is a ride in space that will make time fly for you. You will also be pampered with prizes and grab payouts, so prepare to feel rewarded throughout the game. The rewards will come with the collecting of coins as you chase and destroy the enemy spaceships. Be on the lookout, because some of the spaceships that the enemies have will be able to drop weapons, like rockets and multirocket weapons. There are 9 levels to pass in this game. Between the levels, you will be rewarded with freebies. The freebies will come as rewards for you when you manage to destroy enemy spaceships. The perks coming with each of your freebies are worthwhile. You will get blockade, nuke, wormhole, free missiles, a laser booster. With these, you stand a chance of winning up to 40,000 coins. What is equally thrilling, during the freebies feature the enemy spaceships will be destroyed at no cost for you. But you will need to do some killing on some levels. There, if you have a boss for the level, you will need to kill him, that is the condition you must meet in order to be able to go further. The bosses will come up in levels 3, 6, and 9. By destroying them, you can pile a win of 110,000 coins.

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Be inspired to collect boosters: these will extend your life and health, and there are sure to be shielding and damaging boosters too. The upgrades you collect in your weapons are sure to make your firing power mightier. Be sure to defend your planet from all those alien spaceships, and you will certainly do a good job by completing all the 9 levels. Be careful not to lose all your lives – then the game will end for you. To be prepared and track your progress, you can set a balance notification – that can be done from the options menu.

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