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Marvel Roulette

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The name Marvel for this roulette is given because you will have the Marvel series super heroes: Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, and Captain America. This is great for fans of the series, because they will play with their favorite characters. Punters who have played Marvel Slots powered by Playtech know the appeal of these games. With them, the vastly popular characters of the well known comics will come on the screen and show off their strength and appeal. Marvel Slots are known for their fantastic graphics and sounds, plus outstanding animations. With the Marvel characters coming into the roulette game, also powered by Playtech, you will add the visual appeal and fame or Marvel characters to the European free online roulette gaming. With all the Marvel characters brought together in this roulette game, and the outstanding roulette bonus which will open fantastic opportunities for winning, roulette will become unique.

This is an European type of roulette, so the rules which are in use are the classic rules for this type. There are a few things you must do. First place your bet, then spin the roulette wheel, and after the ball stops, collect your wins. Then wager and spin again, etc.

What makes this game outstanding is the Marvel bonus, which will add to your rewards. The bonus will yield the following perk. If you win it, then you will be able to play a Marvel Bonus Video Slot, and there huge wins are possible. They will come with the possibility of winning the Marvel Mystery Jackpot. This is a progressive jackpot series, comprising four jackpots: Power, Extra Power, Super Power, and Ultimate Power.

As we pointed out above, the Marvel bonus is your special perk, so pay attention to where the exta spot for the bonus is. That spot is in green. When great luck turns towards you, and when you place your bet on the Marvel bonus spot, and the ball lands there, you must get ready to go on to the bonus round. Now you will enter a 3 reel Slot, and there will be 3 chances for spinning. When you get 3 symbols of the same character, you will grab a hefty amount to add to your game win. The win size will be dependent on the amount of the wager that you have placed. In online roulette games free playing, you can try your luck with higher wagers, and gain practice which you can use later, if you decide to play for real money.

The Marvel progressive jackpots are activated randomly, so you may expect luck to smile at you at any moment. So what will serve as a powerful incentive, besides the wins on the roulette, is the opportunity to grab a progressive jackpot with the Marvel bonus. With four jackpots in the series, chances seem more than attractive. Plus, with each player wagering, the size of the jackpot goes up, and your prospects of winning extra big increase with each moment.

In the Marvel roulette, you will surely be rewarded:

  • with European roulette gaming
  • with game facilities to offer information about the game, such as the options for the bets, in the menu
  • with the Marvel bonus, and the four jackpots that become possible to win with it.
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