Released 06.05.2015
Provider Microgaming
Theme Monster
RTP 97.18%
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 10

Machine Gun Unicorn

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Cute game symbols with fairy tale themes are attractive to play online. Think of nice ponies which live peacefully and happily, until one day disaster comes … as zombies attacking them. Think of the nice ponies, which usually play and have fun, and are so peaceful. They will need to get weapons to fight and deal with the zombies. The ponies put up resistance, they fight bravely in this Slot machine, but the enemies are far more. What miracle can save them? It is a machine gun unicorn. So you have the plot you will follow in free play here. On the 10 paylines of the game, his fight will give you lots of emotions. Prepare to see horrible zombies along with the cute ponies. As we said, the ponies are armed: some of them have clubs, others axes. They will look decisive and determined to fight until they have repulsed the attack of those awful creatures. The zombies will be in glass jars, but that will not make them less offputting. You will also have the unicorns, in different colors: purple, yellow, pink, green, and poker symbols, too. Think of how much the game can enable you to win: up to 200x your wager. That will motivate you very much. Plus, think of the sight when you hit the symbol of the main hero here, the machine gun unicorn, and that will cause evil heads to explode. Wins are palatable even when they are caused by explosions, with the emotions of Vegas free Slot games.

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The Wild will come up as the machine gun unicorn, with all the powers of a Wild. You can only expect it to come up on reel 3. There will be no payout for this symbol, but it will trigger a bonus feature named Symbol Bomb. The feature will need 3 machine gun unicorns on reel 3, and then you will start enjoying Symbol Bomb, because you will win bonuses here. The unicorn armed with the machine gun will blow up all the zombie heads that are seen on the reels. Each of these heads will then show an amount that you will win. Your total win will be comprised by the amounts shown after the blow up of all the heads, taken together. Well, if you are not lucky, and when the feature is activated there are no heads to be blown up, you will get a consolation win prize.

With the exploding of symbols, you have plenty of thrills on the reels, so you will not be disappointed by the fact that there is just one feature in Machine Gun Unicorn. Plus, the whole fight will be a whole spectacular experience that will show you how good overcomes evil in a fantasy world. Enjoy your gaming, free Slots for you are there to provide fun and unforgettable wins, with emotions attached. The payouts will not be so large, but think of the perks your gaming will provide:

  • great symbols
  • great fighting situations, even with blow ups
  • the whole fantasy setting
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