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Hold’em Showdown

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You will love this free online Video Poker variant, especially because it is used in most Poker tournaments online. You will find the Playtech game enchanting, with the odds in the form of the total payout. There will be 8 odds altogether. Let us note that, unlike most other Hold'em variants, this game will have two players only, you plus the dealer. In it, in free play, you will have the following development. First, you must familiarize yourself with the layout. The Turbo Bet, in red, is extreme left, at the bottom. To the left of it are the Bank All, and Bank Half buttons. Then you will have the green Deal button, and to the left of it the plus and minus buttons helping you to adjust your bet amount. The dealer's hand will be shown top left, and the result will be seen top right. The game title, in red, will be featured on top, centrally.

This is an arcade game created by Playtech. It has Texas Hold'em as the basis, on which it was developed. Let us also explain what showdown means. It is a term well known to Poker gamers: that is the final phase, where the opponents show their hands to compare them. Now let us mentioned the deck used, it is a standard one, with 52 cards. Because the game is derived on the model of Texas Hold'em, you will know the rules if you have played this variant of Poker. These rules are same regarding to the way of forming the hands, the way they are compared, etc.

So when starting the gaming, you will first choose the size of the bet that you intend to make. It is now time for dealing, and the dealer will do it, dealing two cards to himself, on 4 boxes. Just choose one of the hands, and click on Win. You must click near the player, or near the dealer, because in that way you will bet on that person's win. Then the cards that are from other boxes will be removed, and on the table there will be a flop, a turn, and a river. Now the time will come to compare the hands for the dealer and the player. The winning cards will be highlighted, and the other cards will fade away.

If you have guessed correctly who wins, you will get a payout. You can either collect the win, or you can leave it in the pot. You can leave the entire amount, or half of it. If you want, you can also shuffle the cards in the hands, up to 3 times. Note that the dealer's hand will not change. Like in other arcade games with fixed odds, the payout will be lower if the chances of the outcome coming true are higher, and vice versa. You can choose only one of the 8 payouts offered.

Among free Video Poker games online, you will surely derive pleasure and excitement from playing this one:

  • because of the arcade style
  • because of the excitement of achieving wins
  • because of the option of shuffling the button when you don't like the player's hands.
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