Hell Boy

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You will perhaps be familiar with Hell Boy, the character from the Dark Horse comic, so it is a wonderful challenge for you, to play the slot based on it. If you have watched the films based on the comic, again the very title invites you to play the slot. This 5 reel, 20 payline slot opens a world in which Hell Boy is on the go, after the Relic of Power, and is going to the Chamber of Fire. Join him, and together with adventures, you will finish with winnings, too. Hell Boy is a mighty one, with his enormous right arm. Plus, it is a stone arm, so the nickname, Right Hand of Doom, is correct. Doom has a heavy hand, and uses Hell Boy to deliver its surprises. 

In Hell Boy, you see animations both in the scatter and in the wild. The Hell Boy logo is the wild. The Right Hand of Doom, the scatter, comes with nice surprises if you get at least 3 symbols, any place on the reels. Then the Underworld Bonus comes with opportunities to take. Go through 4 different tunnels, traveling in the underworld, and there, finally, the Chamber of Fire is where you must reach. There you can claim the Relic of Power. Don’t assume the way to it will be easy. Your way will pass through 4 stages. You must be especially careful when you choose, because for each level there is only one pick. On the way, demons jump out, and blocked passages will hamper your progress. Demons cannot stop you; however, if you end at a blocked passage, the feature will end. There are 5 locked doors as challenges for you on each level. Opening the door reveals what is waiting for you. You can face a monster bringing a bonus amount, a friend extending a bonus, a Win All label, or, the worst of all, a Blocked label which means your game has ended. Your amounts gathered in bonuses pile there, in your pot. With success and care you can finally reach the Chamber of Fire. One more task is waiting for you there, before you can reveal the Relic: you must shoot a crystal. The prize you will get for your achievement is a random one.

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Look out also for the other feature. It is random and is called Supermode. In it, you win 10 free spins. During your playing, there will appear up to 3 wild positions, and they will come with more potentials for winnings. Your payouts will soar dramatically. Just remember that there is no retriggering of the free spins. And during the Supermode, it is not possible to get the Underworld Bonus. If, by chance, both rounds are triggered simultaneously, the Underworld bonus will be played as the first of the two.

The simplicity of Hell Boy is one of the advantages for novices in slots playing. It is great for starting your gaming experience. For aficionados of the comic and the movie, meeting Hell Boy and joining him for the adventures to the Chamber of Fire is an opportunity that is unmissable. Winnings are rewarding, and the Underworld and the Supermode features are sources of plenty of thrills. While you will not find the option of a progressive jackpot, the fixed jackpots are lucrative and worth grabbing. 

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