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French Roulette

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This roulette free online, also called European Jackpot, will offer you great odds. In it, you will find a wide array of wagers, which appeals to punters. You will also find that the rules in this game type are favorable. The French option online has some differences compared to the classic type. But these differences are easy to learn, so you will soon play without hassles.

Let us compare the layout. It will have some differences from both European and American roulette. There are some French words that you will see on the table, but they are easy to pick up. Another difference you will see is the two places on the Dozens. Otherwise, the number of pockets is 37, with one zero, like in the European option. The house edge will be also low in this French roulette game in free play, unlike in the American option, with a higher edge for the house.

Compared with other Playtech roulette games, you will notice the similarities in layout. Top right are the options for customizing the table: changing the color, changing the angle under which to view the table. The details are left, centrally. There you can see the minimum and the maximum, and when you click on that button, the paytable will appear. The piles of chips are bottom left. You can click on a pile to choose your chips to bet with. The green Spin button is bottom, centrally. The Neighbor Bets and the Announce Bets are bottom, right. Top right you will find the History.

The French terms will comprise Manque, for betting on 1-18, Impair, for Odds, Pair, for Even, Passe, for 19-34. You can bet on red or black, on odd or even, plus the bets on 1-18 and 19-36. With the auspicious odds, you will get half back, if your luck makes the ball stop on the zero pocket.

The Neighbors Bet and the Announce Bets need to be explained, especially for beginners. Neighbors are wagers on a specific number and on its neighboring numbers, that is, the numbers on both sides of that specific number. For example, if you want to bet on a 4 number bet, that will include the four numbers on its left and the four numbers on its right. Together with the specific number, these will make a total of 9 numbers. Announce Bets means that with putting the chips on the table, the player will also announce the bet that he is making. But because these bets types will not be shown on the table, here is what types there are. They will cover a diversity of numbers, so that means making multiple bets in one. In total, there are 5 types of Announce Bets: Voisins du Zero, or the neighbors of zero; Tiers du Cylindre, or one third of the wheel, because they include 12 numbers; Orphelins, which means orphans, because these bets will cover the gap between the previously discussed announced bets; Finals, in which the numbers covered will depend on what you will announce; Neighbors, which is also a variable bet, and is discussed above.

You will find French online free roulette interesting and absorbing:

  • with the opportunities for wins
  • with the different announced bets
  • with the low house edge, promising high wins, with chance cooperating with you.
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