Released 20.03.2020
Type 3D Slots
Provider Betsoft
Theme Horror
RTP 96.06%
Reels 5
Rows 3
Paylines 30

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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As can be presumed by the name itself, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde online slot game recreates motives of the notorious Robert Louis Stevenson masterpiece bearing the same name that has been issued in 1886. Conjoining the classic literature with up-to-date internet world results in the next top quality slot powered by Betsoft. As can be expected by this casino games provider, the graphics featured in that 30 paylines and 5 reels animated slot are of a supreme 3D quality, which enhances the thriller-like experience during gameplay. Non-the-less, the visuals do no harm to the striking payouts that you can harvest and the compilation of both make this slot machine fit for any player preferences.

This free slots online play dive players into a player-focused quest with enough bonuses and some unexpected surprises -  an additional free spinning and 2 bonus rounds.


The personalities from the Stevenson’s novel are depicted in the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde slot game in the genuine BetSoft manner. The characters are designed in the most sophisticated 3D slots approach, which gives the game a convincing touch and brings the players into the parallel verity of this horror story with such accuracy that will make you shiver. Compared to other slots developed with traditional, immature visuals, this thriller game definitely stands out.

For the scene of all the ado in the slot is chosen the decent scientist’s lab/cabinet.

Good Dr. Jekyll moves around his lab, standing by the reels and watching carefully what is taking place on them, cheering for you each time you score. Now and then he goes back and forth, visiting his desk to mix his potions. The sounds during spinning are really creepy and crawl into you to set you in the atmosphere of this science fiction story narrating of the scientist with good intentions who mixed the wrong portion that transformed him into a monstrous person with mental distress and no moral values, namely Mr. Hyde.


Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Slot Machine

Game symbols portray characters and items taken from the original story like Dr. Jekyll and his observe Mr. Hyde, the Police, Dr. Jekyll’s House, the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Logo, a Book, a Lock and Key, Newspaper, and a Fire Place. The top rewarding symbols of the slot are the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde impersonated symbols and the Wild Hyde. The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Logo is a wild symbol and randomly appears on three of the reels, number 1, 3, and 5. The Blue and Red Potion symbols that will come across the reels are needed to activate free spinning through the Potion Meter.

The most exceptional characteristic of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde slot is the Potion Meter component that is filled with the two Potion symbols aforementioned. Both Portions come across reels number 2 and 4. When the Red one lands next to the symbol of Dr. Jekyll, the doctor’s symbol, Mr. Hide and all Logo turn into Wild Hyde symbols. This produced a misty effect that makes all the symbols to go bizarre and mingle, forming totally altered configurations of symbols and matchings from the ones that were beforehand positioned. This potion effect compensates you with more winning and an exclusive bonus prize for the Wild Hyde. This wild performance has a big similarity the shifting wild options that can be located in other slot machines.


The other Portion, the If the Blue one may land next to the Mr. Hyde symbol. This event triggers a special bonus and awards a 20 times multiplier on the initial wager, along with an accidental multiplier that additionally rewards the player amid 5X and 20X the wager. Each appearance of the Red Potion symbol loads the meter a fraction more. To activate this feature, you need to land 100 Red Potion symbols on the reels.

After you load up the Potion Meter, the Free Spins option is activated. The Blue Potion symbols play a balancing role and opposed to granting free spinning, it aims to end it. These symbols appear when free spins bonus runs and fill a second Potion Meter. Once this meter is filled to the top, free spinning will seize. 12 Blue Potion symbols are needed to load the meter completely and terminates the free spinning game.


The adventurous Frenzy Bonus will be run when the combination of 2 Mr. Hyde symbols and the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Logo land on reels 2, 3, and 4 in one and the same spin. The player will accompany Mr. Hyde in his attempt to avoid the police wondering across London. When the gruesome Hyde reaches a crossroad, the player has to choose which way he will continue, to the right or to the left. Direct Mr. Hyde to the correct turns, and you will earn a bet multiplier valuing up to 30X.

The Potion Bonus option is activated by 2 Dr. Jekyll symbols landing on either side of the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Logo on reels number 2, 3, and 4 and within its duration players gather potion ingredients to make an “anti-freak” serum. The rewards are contingent on the speed with which the right potion elements are collected. The highest wager multiplier in this bonus game is 120X.


Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is a horrible story how good intention bring bad consequences. Expect for the moral that the original novel bears, this amazing free play vegas slots go beyond the terror of Mr. Hyde and present its fans:

  • Stunning 3D visualized characters and symbols;
  • Story drawn variety of reel combinations and elaborate bonus games;
  • Spooky and thrilling experience during the gameplay correspondent to the theme, but not diminishing the excitement of winning.
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