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Double Attack Blackjack

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Playtech will offer you a different variant from the traditional Blackjack game. Double Blackjack sounds fascinating for playing free online Blackjack, and you will really be offered a great game with thrills on the increase. This game in free play will invite you to make your bet again and launch into online gaming, with a realistic settings which will make you feel like in a real world and time game. The graphics which are traditionally great, something that distinguishes Playtech as a developer, plus the background music, will pamper you. The dealer's voice will be nice, soothingly inviting you to join the gaming and make your bet. With such a presentation you will already be eager to play and indulge in Blackjack playing. If you have played traditional Blackjack, you will find differences in this option, Double Attack. It is a must to experience them by playing, then you will have your own impressions of them.

Here is a short description of the major differences. The first lies in the fact that when you make your bet, the dealer will receive a card, and then you will be presented with the option of doubling the ante bet for you, if you wish. But that will not be obligatory. Another difference is the special side bet in which you will win 5:2, if the dealer will buts with three cards. That is a bust it bet. And if these three cards are three 8s, then your wins will be even heftier. Yet another difference is that in this variant of Blackjack there will be 8 Spanish decks in use. These are decks that will not have 10 cards. So you will play using 8 decks of 48 cards each.

As for your goal in playing, it will be the same as when you play the standard option. So you will strive to get a hand of 21, or get close to that, and you must avoid going bust. And to score a win, you will have to beat the hand of the dealer. The perk will be that you will have the option of doubling the amount of your wager, when you see the face card that is with the dealer.

Play Blackjack free online, and a usual make your bet before the dealing of the cards by the dealer. There are chips with which you can select the amount for your bet. Before the dealing, you can also make a side bet. Strive to double your wager, when you see the face up card come out. The Double Attack bet stage is unmissable. Then the dealer will deal 2 cards, a face up one and a hidden one, and afterwards the gaming will progress like in traditional games for this type.

It is of prime importance to know the knacks to winning:

  • by hitting Blackjack, or by scoring near 21 with the first cards
  • by winning the side bet, the bust it one
  • and in some other ways which are interesting to discover.
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