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Blackjack Surrender

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For a twist of the traditional Blackjack game, turn to Playtech's Surrender, and you will play Blackjack online for free with a difference. There is a welcome option of playing, simultaneously, 5 hands, a Blackjack variation which will not just give you the opportunity of play one hand only; exciting you to try in free play. And if you see luck is not very much on your side, on any of the hands, you can opt for Surrender, and thus save half your bet. You can surrender while the first two cards are on, if the dealer checks for a Blackjack. Here, the Insurance option is, too, available. It will pay 2:1, but let us tell you that when playing this game online, according to players with experience in it, it is not recommended to choose Insurance.

Your cards, as a total, should be closer to 21 compared to the cards with the dealer, and should not be going over 21. You can strive for that while playing up to 5 hands, simultaneously. Just note what the differences from the traditional Blackjack are. You can't split a split hand. When you want to split Aces, then only one card ought to be drawn. One more different detail is that you should expect the dealer to check for Blackjack, when his card that is face up is an Ace, or is a 10.

With Surrender in the name, let us tell you about that feature in more details. Here, it is called Late Surrender. Should the dealer have already checked for a Blackjack, then surrender if you wish, and get half the bet amount you originally made. The end will come for your hand. But you can't surrender, when the dealer has a Blackjack: with this rule you get a benefit. Compare this to early Surrender: before the checking for a Blackjack. Early surrender is even more beneficial. Here, remember you have the late surrendering option.

The Blackjack playing table is on the screen, and the Deal button, bottom left, is in green. To its left are the chips, and over them the spots where to place the bets for the five hands. Up, right, is the button changing the table color. With each clicking on the chips, the bet will be upped, and with right clicking on the chips on the table, the removing of these chils will happen. Make different bets, for each hand out of the five ones, if you wish to. You can play each of them separately, individually. With the Deal button you will activate the card dealing. And after the dealing, you will get the offer to make an Insurance bet. That can be achieved via the Insurance button.

For your convenience, and for the sake of helping, use strategy charts you can look up online. They will facilitate you in playing this Surrender variant of Blackjack free online. You can proceed with your gaming:

  • by clicking Hit, Stand, Split, Double, Hold
  • by surrendering on the first 2 cards, under the condition above, when the dealer checks if there is a Blackjack
  • by using the strategy tables available online for this variant.
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