DBest Rank 95
Released 04.08.2017
Provider Playtech
RTP 98.95%


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Pamper yourself with Playtech's Baccarat, and delight in the simple yet elegant design. This design is a staple with Playtech, so having played its games, you will be acquainted with the developer's sleek design of games. Not excessively complicated animations will be comprised, but this Baccarat will promise smooth gaming experience in free play. In it, you will bet on one of the following: on your hand, on the banker's hand, or on a tie. After you, the player, have made your bet in the game, the dealer's turn will come, to deal 2 cards, both for you and for the banker. If, for you, or for the banker, there is a hand value nearer 9, the one having this value will win. If there is a tie, the payment will be 9 for 1.

The cards will have their values, excepting the 10. The 10 and the higher cards will count as 0, and Aces will count as 1. Should the hand value be 10, or more than 10, only the second digit will be taken as the total value. So you must drop 10 from the value, and the result will be the value that your hand will have in the Baccarat game. Let us give you an example: get 6 and 8, which will together make 14. Drop 10 from it, and you will get 4 for your hand. Clicking on the chips, with the value you wish to wager, then on the table, will be the way of placing of the bet. The pairs will be Player, Perfect Pair, Big, Small, Either Pair, and Banker Pair. The button for changing the table color is top, left, and the minimum and maximum top, right. You can see them for all the pairs in this online game.

The deck comprises 52 cards, so it is the standard one. The term for the first two cards is natural. If in the natural 8 or 9 are dealt, the hand will win automatically. Should the banker's hand be natural, the banker will tie your hand with 8, and lose to 9. There may be cases in which both the banker, and you, too, will need to draw a third card. In fact, you will see no overly complex skills or strategies are involved, so you stand a chance of 50:50.

When starting gaming, your task is guessing if the banker or you will draw a hand closer to 9. As we mentioned above, you and the dealer may be dealt a third card as well. Whether you will be afforded that will depend on the values that the two first cards have.

Baccarat originated in the 19th century. This game, conceived in France, has continued to maintain a popularity which is now offered with Playtech's game. The exciting novels and movies with James Bond often refer to it. In many novels describing his adventures, this famed agent plays Baccarat. The game is demonstrated, or Bond is playing it, in movies dedicated to him too:

  • “Casino Royale”, released in 1954, where he acts as Jimmy
  • “Dr. No”, where he is a player of Baccarat
  • “Thunderball”, released in 1967, which gives the most detailed description of Baccarat as a game,

and other movies as well.

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