Released 28.10.2016
Provider Playtech
RTP 99.53%
Paylines 0

American Blackjack

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It is great to have variety and options which acquaint you with different variants of games which are household names. Because you are going to enjoy the American option, in free play, let us point out that in your online experience in the game, you will benefit from the more auspicious rules for hole cards in this option. The advantage will lie in that the dealer's blackjack will be possible to be shown before the next moves for the players. So the players will have the possibility to act more boldly and aggressively, in doubling bets, in splitting bets, etc. That will be possible, because they will know, at the very beginning of the hand, whether the dealer has got a winning hand. With the rule of the hole card, you will also be guarded from the risk of upping the bet and losing a large amount, more than the initial bet you have made.

So, to sum up, there are worthwhile perk in playing Blackjack online free. With this Playtech released game, you will have that opportunity. Now explore the table, and see what tools you have there. You can change the color, if you prefer another one than the color currently shown. You will, too, see the minimum and the maximum for the bets; the maximum is $300. The chips are at the bottom, left, and the Deal button is bottom, centrally. The chips values are from 0.10 to 25. The soft music will not distract you and will help you to unwind. When you select your chips and click on Deal, there will also appear the Double and the Clear Bets buttons. All the graphics will pamper your eyes with their crisp quality. Excellent graphics are a staple for Playtech, and will make you feel like in a real casino, in a real time Blackjack playing experience.

There is just one card which makes the difference between American and European game options of Blackjack. When the American option rules are in force, the dealer will get one of the cards face up, and the other one will be face down. When there happens to be an Ace as the card face up, the dealer will peek at the hole card. If it turns out to be a 10 point one, or a face one, a Jack, a Queen, or a King, then the dealer will get a Blackjack, and the hand will end, even though it has not begun. The players will all lose their bets. That is different from the European rules following option, in which the dealer will get just one card, and the other one will be done after the players have all made their decisions.

Playing Blackjack online for free will reward you with this American variant:

  • it is an excellently designed and executed game
  • it will provide you with experience in the American Blackjack rules
  • it will reveal the advantages of this variant, and will enrich your knowledge and overall experience.
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