Released 05.10.2017
Provider EGT
Theme Fruit
RTP 95.93%
Reels 5
Rows 4
Paylines 40

40 Burning Hot

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One of the tendencies in the video slot games is to be used fire as an element. This is because fire is a symbol of hot, passion, burning and it attracts people to make adventures. In contrast, elements like ice are rarely exploited because it is a sign of cold, alienation, freezing. In the human psychology is the following thing is set – when a person see hot colours and an element that refers to heat, in his heart appear passion to risk. For this reason, the fire or a burning heart is wide-spread element in a video slot game. In this way, the gambler sees visually his own heart that is burning in passion which is provoked by the desire to win the jackpot.

This passion burns like fire. It is well known that fire is one of the main elements that make the world along with water, ground and air. But only fire stimulates passion in human heart. The designers of the video games know that and use fire as a primary or secondary topic. When the winning streak starts the players have the feeling that this unique chance to receive a prize will be permanent and their luck will have never had an end. Even if the situation changes and the gambler starts losing his own money because of the burning passion in his heart to win, his dreams for the jackpot will not stop.

In the new slot game 40 Burning Hot the fires are hotter than ever. It is created by EGT Interactive software. There are included more actions in this game and it is improved. The participants in it will have the opportunity to play on more paylines. In this way their desire to achieve their goals to receive a prize will be increased. The excitement in this slot game is in larger amount because of the enlarged number of actions in every spin of the spools.

The video game 40 Burning Hot uses the same outlook as the original Burning Hot game. In other words, the game has got a green color scheme with dark spools and plain but well-designed symbols. Its design is quite logical and clean. Because of the EGT software that this game uses the gamblers could be sure that if they bet a low amount of money they will have the chance to play a lot in the slot machine. There are also free versions that give the chance to the players to test the game in advance before betting real money which is a great advantage.

In addition, the EGT software offers the game to be downloaded in mobile devices such as a tablet, eyephone, smartphone, etc. The process of downloading is an easy one because the format of the game is compatible to all the possible operating systems. So, all the gamblers could simply play the 40 Burning Hot on their phones in any place they want to be at any time of their daily routine. If the passion appears in their heart to bet they are very welcome to try their luck.

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