Released 28.11.2018
Provider Playtech
RTP 98.38%
Paylines 0

21 Duel Blackjack

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Variants of free Blackjack online are different, and Playtech has its share for that. Now try 21 Duel, and find out what exciting details it packs, added to the standard rules for playing this game. So here is some essential information, before you lend itself to the appeal of the game in free play. The decks used will be 6 ones. You can play as you prefer, in single hand, or in multi hand. We already mentioned there are differences, so here is one: the dealer will not deal 4 cards, as usual, but 6. There will be 2 of these for the player, 2 again for the dealer, and the remaining 2 will be the communal cards. You can see the tip about the communal cards on the left. These will be for the player and for the dealer, they will form their hands with their help. Over the tip are shown the minimum and maximum; the maximum is $300. Another feature, to help players to up their wins, will be the possibility to use a side bet called 2 Up. You can see the information about the side bet on the right. You must note the maximum limit for that side bet, it will depend on the casino where you play 21 Duel.

Now play online, and strive for hitting Blackjack. That will be done when you score 21, or in the ballpark of that, without going bust. To get your score upped, you can resort to the communal cards, as already mentioned above. Play and strive to beat the dealer for a winning.

Practicing 21 Duel for free will help you gain the knack, and this review will also help with essentials. You must make your bet, with the chips at the screen bottom. To make your bet, click on the table section for betting. To up the bet, click on the chip pile selected by you, and to decrease the bet, do that with the Shift pressed and click on the pile which you want to decrease. As you make the bet, before the game kicks off, you also have the possibility to make the side bet, 2 Up.

After the making of the bets, the turn comes for the card dealing by the dealer. As mentioned above, the cards dealt will be 6, including the communal ones. Both you as the player and, too, the dealer, will use from the communal cards, to form the hands. For the dealer, the two cards will be face down, and for the player, another will be face up and the other down. When the communal cards are selected, your bet will be doubled. You will have two options: to stand, or to hit. If you hit, the card which is face down will be opened, to join your hand. The dealer will now choose a community card, and his hand will be formed. For the dealer to win, his hand ought to be higher than your hand, and it ought to be over 12. In the game course, the options for you will be Fold, Hit, or Stand. You will not have the following options:

  • surrendering
  • doubling down
  • splitting or splitting aces, or resplittininsurance.

Playing Blackjack online for free with 21 Duel can provide great payouts, as the wins on both bets are 1:1 assured. And if you win, it will be even better. You can win just by using communal cards, too, with the right choice of these cards.

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