Released 11.05.2018
Provider Playtech
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Blackjack Super 21

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When you play free online Blackjack games, Playtech developed ones are unmissable. Among them, be certain to try Blackjack Super 21. In this option, Blackjack will pay even money; the dealer will have to draw to 16, and he will also stand on all 17s. One more important detail is that insurance will pay 2:1. You will also benefit from your skills, if you have experience in this online table game. And of course luck is important, because with luckthat will come to boost what you achieve with your skills, your success chances will be higher, in free play. Blackjack, a game always popular with punters, is an opportunity to show of your skills, and your knowledge that you have gained with practicing. This variant is one of the Playtech developed ones, and will acquaint you with its peculiarities, so that when you next play Super 21, you will already have the knack for it.

Playtech will pamper you with graphics with excellent quality and with soft music accompanying the gaming session, like in all its Blackjack variant games. You will even have the possibility toeasily change the table color, to feel absolutely at ease and not bothered by any details, to concentrate on your playing. The chips will be located at the bottom, to the left. In the centre, also in the bottom position, you will see the green Deal button. After you click on the chips of your choice and then on the table, to make your bet, you will see two more buttons appear, the orange Double button, and the red Clear Bets button.

This game also has another name, popular as its common name: it is Super Fun 21. That name is revealing about how much fun you will get when you play. Now here are some more details in this Blackjack variation, which will be of benefit when you play it. The deck of cards used here will be the standard one with 52 cards. The Aces will count as 1, or as 11, depending on the better benefit for your hand. In the deck, each of the face cards will be counted as 10. For the other cards, the rule will be to use their face value. When the player and the dealer are dealt two cards each, for the player the cards will be face up, and for the dealer one card will be face down. Then, for the player, the options will be to hit, or to stand; that is, ask for one more card, or refuse to take more cards. For you as a player, it is a must to beat the dealer; you can achieve that by getting close to 21, without busting. When there is a winning hand, with 21 total, that hand will be the Blackjack.

Get practice in Super 21, because there will be differences that will make playing online Blackjack free more rewarding:

  • with the differences specific for this variation
  • with the fun you will derive
  • with the fascinating quality of the graphics designed by Playtech.
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