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Progressive Blackjack

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Progressive is a word to make you think of a jackpot: that is added to the standard free online Blackjack offered here. The jackpot will be formed when the side bets are added. They will accumulate and form an amount growing larger and larger. The participants in this game will be playing with a chance of winning, either the entire jackpot online, or part of it. For the winning, they must meet the necessary conditions. The Playtech designed table is appealing, inviting for free play; expect chance to come up with wins. The jackpot will be featured top left, and you can, too, see the paytable, when you click on Show Paytable. The minimum and the maximum, 0.30 and 30, respectively, are shown top right. The green Deal button is bottom centrally, and the chips are bottom left.

The rules are known, if you have played the standard option. Your objective will be to strive after a Blackjack, and beat the dealer. To be eligible to play for that thrilling jackpot, you must make a side bet, not only a standard one. The entire amount that you put by, as a side bet, will join the common pool that will form the jackpot. So this jackpot will be progressive thanks to the side bets of you and of the other players.

The start has come for Blackjack online, and you will get two cards facing up. Then, the dealer will get two, too, but one of those will be facing down. It is now your turn, to hit, to stand, or to double the bet. After you finish, the dealer will show his card. As shown on the table, the standard payout is 3:2, if the dealer has Blackjack, you and the other players will get your bets back. The Insurance is also possible here, and the payout for it is 1:1. One more item of information is about the dealer: he must hit with a hand lower than 16, and stand, if that hand is 17 or over it.

There will be 6 decks of cards in use in this free Blackjack online game. To win, you must know what to look for. As in the standard variant, you must have the higher hand, without going in excess of 21. Another thing is that with more aces, your payout will be heftier. To win the entire jackpot, the requirement is to draw 4 Aces of the same color. For the winning of a progressive side bet, you must, too, draw aces, while losing a hand to the game dealer. Remember that a side bet is not dependent on the primary bet you make.

When playing, if you want to apply strategies, these are the strategies for the standard game.

If you are already a punter with experience gained, you can vary the bets you make:

  • you can use Martingale strategy
  • you can employ the Fibonacci system
  • or you can use the Paroli system.

And, of course, with higher side bets, the payouts will be heftier, as mentioned: they will come in the ranges of 10x to 100x the respective bets.

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