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Released 15.07.2016
Provider Playtech
RTP 99.58%

Perfect Blackjack

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What about some perfect gaming, in Blackjack? Playtech has prepared the ground for you, so that you can launch into playing online, and have the perfect experience. The crisp and attractive graphics characteristics for online Blackjack free will surely attract you and create a realistic environment. In fact, this perfect version is the essential game as you know it. There will be a small difference: you can place your bet on whether you will guess if the cards to be dealt initially will be a pair. In this game, the dealer will have to draw to 16, and will have to stand on all 17. You will have many side bets, consequently there will be more opportunities for you to win, and that will mean the house edge will be brought down. But please note that the possibility for hitting split Aces is small, that can be achieved once only; moreover, the player will not be allowed to double after splitting. Owing to that, the opportunities will be decreased a little.

The graphics, as we already pointed out, are quality ones, and you can notice that about the other elements, too. Change the table color, to your liking, turn it into green, blue, purple, orange, white, using the color button in the top right hand corner. The Deal button is in the centre, at the bottom, convenient for use. The chips are on its left: select them and launch into free play. On the right, at the top, you can also see the minimum and maximum limits. Now, make your wager, and put the money into the pair ring. Then click on Deal, and you will get your cards. If you get a pair, you will get some prize, on the side bet. If you don't get a pair, you will lose that side bet. The type of pair will determine the payout to be received. To get the most lucrative payout, you will need to get a perfect pair. This is a pair which is comprised of the same cards. If the face up card of the dealer is Ace, then the players will be enabled to take Insurance.

In this Blackjack variation by Playtech, you will be able to play using up to 5 hands. You will, too, have Split and Double. Furthermore, in this free Blackjack online, you will have the Charlie rule with 10 cards. That means, if you achieve the drawing of 10 cards, without busting, that will be tantamount to an automatic win. It will not be possible, however, if the dealer has a Blackjack.

Now once again let us point the side bets; these are which distinguish the Perfect variation from the standard variation of Blackjack. The side bets will not depend on the main bet made by the player . They can be up to five. But to place a side bet, make a normal bet too.

To play this attractive table game, rely on Playtech, and indulge in its perks:

  • great environment for playing
  • the many opportunities for winning with side bets
  • the lucrative payouts with perfect pairs.

Rely on the basic strategy, because the rules here are the standard ones. You can search for strategy tips online, or ask fellow players.

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