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American Roulette

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The difference between European and American roulette is that in the former option, you will have two zeros instead of one. Because of the availability of another zero number, this game will offer a higher house edge for casinos. But it will come with fascinating features which will lure you to play. There will be background music to sound as you play online, and a welcoming and attractive woman's voice will announce the bets ad the wins. You may even forget this is not a real casino playing session, with the realistic environment. To complement the wonderful experience in playing online roulette free, you can even pour yourself a drink and take a sip before you decide on the bet to place.

Like in other games of this type, your goal will be some guessing. The guessing will be about the number that the ball has opted to stop on, on the wheel. After you have selected the numbers, hit Spin, and there you go, playing and enjoying yourself. Here is how you can bet: on the first 12 numbers, on the second portion of 12 numbers, or, too, on the third portion of 12 ones. You can also select to bet on odd or even, or on the colors; red or black. You can, furthermore, bet on the exact number or on the range of numbers. See the paytable by hovering your mouse over the card with the maximum and minimum for the bet. So these are the bets you can make in this game; try them in free play.

You will enjoy the simple layout, which will facilitate your gaming. The buttons for customizations are top left. You can use the top one to change the viewpoint on the table, the one below that to change the table color, and the bottom one to hide the two upper buttons. The stats button is bottom right. The graphics will make you feel the same thrills that you experience in real casinos. You will see all the details of the roulette table, and the chips piled in stacks there. You will also see what the minimum amount, and, too, the maximum one for the coins are. When you click on this information, you will see the limits for the roulette table, the payouts which can be given, for each of the bets.

As we pointed out, you also will have, in the customizing features, the perk of changing the view on the wheel. You can select a close up look, too. The close up will show you where exactly the ball has stopped, and also the amount that you have won at the end of the current spin.

As for the usefulness of learning the rules of how to play free roulette online, here are the advantages:

  • you can pick them easily, by looking up information on the Internet
  • you can also practice a lot before you start playing for money
  • you can even pick up ideas about forming the best strategies.

Practice is indispensable for mastering and becoming skilled; after you have gained it, you will enjoy the gaming experience more and more.

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