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Craps has come from the distant past, from the Crusades times, and now is also spread online. But in the beginning there was a disadvantage, on account of which players could have a massive perk with the way of betting. Then, the Don't Pass option was added, and the modern game was shaped. It is fun to learn Craps was derived from the French for toad. The reason for that name was players were crouched, bent over the floor, or even in streets, on sidewalks. Imagine how they rolled the dice in the street. Soldiers in World War II also played street Craps. They spread blankets and played on them. So one of the terms for controlling dice was named army blanket roll.

Craps has easy rules: you will wager on the dice rolls in it. The person rolling the dice is the shooter. Start by placing simple bets, and start with low values, and then you can gradually make them higher, and use more varied bets. The excitement of watching the dice roll in free play will add heaps of thrills, so lend yourself to them, and enjoy your gaming session.

The layout of this Playtech game may look somewhat complicated, but are easily learned, in free play. What is enough for starting to play is the most basic information. The basic bets are Passline and Don't Passline. In total, there will be over 40 bets, but some of them are more complicated, and for the start of your Craps playing experience you will not need them. By and by, you will get acquainted with them too. The Passline bet will be made when putting the chips on the passline around the table. Players will make this type of bet with the first throw. It will be auspicious for you if the roll yields 7 or 11. On the first roll make with the dice, these numbers will automatically win. And if the shooter rolls 2, 3, or 12, that will mean an automatic loss. With other numbers rolled, there will be a passline point made. Then the shooter must roll that number again, before rolling 7. If the shooter manages to roll that number, then you will win. But if he rolls 7, before rolling that established passline point, then you will lose, and there will be end of the hand. Now another player will become the shooter. The Don't Passline is the opposite of Passline. Their names used by players are also betting wrong for Don't Passline, and betting right for Passline. So in a Don't Passline Bet, you will make a bet on a roll of 2, 3, or 12. If that happens, a winning Don't Passline will double your bet. If another number comes with the roll, it will be the point, but you must hope that that number will not come again in a roll before a roll of 7. If a roll of 7 happens, the Don't Passline will win.

Playing Craps is done by first choosing the size of your bet. You will do that by clicking on the row of chips located along the table bottom. Then make your bet. You can make a Passline bet, or another bet. Then roll the dice, and see what it will yield.

In the Playtech game of Craps, the odds will be 3x. If you are unsure about the terms, first learn them, to play smoothly. You must learn about the odds, because that will help you to make the correct bets. Playing with the basic bets we explained above is the surefire way. You will still get heaps of thrills:

  • with the expectation of the roll's outcome
  • with the excellent graphics, characteristic for Playtech games
  • with the delight of gradually mastering that thrilling Craps game.
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