Top 5 trusted e-wallets for safe gambling

Top 5 trusted e-wallets for safe gambling

New laws came into effect on the 14th of April, 2020 in the United Kingdom. According to the decisions of the UK Gaming Commission credit cards became illegal to be used at online casinos in the Kingdom. The rules are based on the belief that credit cards are no safe enough for making payments at online casinos. So the need to find an E-Wallet alternative became important. It has to suit your pocket and keep your funds safe.


You can find variable E-Wallets available on the market and decide which one to use before you make your next deposit.


To keep the fun in your entertainment you must play responsibly. It goes through how to set a budget or decide on a limit for your losses and deposits. It is also important to know where your money goes and who can have access to your personal data. Choosing the correct E-Wallet is another part of the process that shouldn't be ignored.  

Here are 5 trusted E-Wallets for safe and secure gambling:

  1. Trustly – It was in 2008 that Trustly was founded. Their popularity grew rapidly and in 2019 they hit 1 billion users. It is one of the most trusted choice for casino players all around the world. Trusted developed their amazing product Payout Express and made withdrawing winning from online casinos incredibly easier.
  2. Neteller – This is a popular choice among the casino gamblers. Neteller have a standard deposit fee of 2.5% and a minimum deposit of $20 for using the service. Thousands of websites support this E-wallet so having access and using it for your immediate cash is much easier.
  3. PayPal PayPal has been one of the most popular names as a E-Wallet service. It is well known among the online shoppers and now it has become popular among the online gamblers too. This fact became possible because PayPal is safe to use and provides many ways of protection with different transactions. As soon as you open an account, life will run easier as using the service is rather simple. 
  4. Skrill – Skrill (known before as Moneybookers) is an other popular choice for payment among punters. This is an easy, safe and cheap way to make deposits and withdrawals. With its anti-fraud policy Skrill provides users complete safety. It is preferred by millions of players from all around the world as fees are low and even there is an option to pay nothing at all.
  5. Boku – Boku is a perfect option to keep track of your funds by using your mobile device. This payment method is suitable to be used not only in mobile casinos but to make a deposit that pulls funds directly from the mobile account. As a negative side comes the fact that there’s a limit to how much you can deposit. The deposit for a transaction is maximum £10 and £30 per day.

You can play your favourite casino games and use some of the above reliable methods of payment for making deposits and withdrawals.

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