Which Payment Option is Better for UK Casino Players?

Which Payment Option is Better for UK Casino Players?

Many new gamblers wonder what deposit methods are available when they decide to fund their online casino account. Online casino payment solutions vary across casinos, so you should go through the deposit page and check the most appropriate and secure option. It is often found that most online casinos have more methods for depositing than withdrawal options.

The pleasure of playing casino games will not be complete if you have not chosen the right method of payment to make easy deposits and therefore be able to withdraw your winnings on time. But what happens when you come across a casino in the UK with several payment options to choose from? Not sure which one will work best for you and your circumstances. Well, that's exactly what we're going to look at here. We will compare three payment methods - Zimpler, GPay and standard debit cards and try to answer the question: Which is better for UK players?

Interesting Facts about Zimpler

Zimpler is a modern Swedish online payment method service provider. The financial platform was founded in 2012, in Sweden, by Smart Payment Nordic, under the name of Puggleplay. It was designed to perform speedy deposits to casinos. In 2016 the company renamed the product to 'Zimpler' name. Today Zimpler has got offices in Malta, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. It was developed especially to meet the needs of online gamers and gamblers in several countries in Europe including the UK. Modern, speedy and safe, Zimpler payment method is supported by many online casinos. With the help of Zimpler solution, casinos can provide an easy online gambling experience to all their players.

Zimpler is the payment solution for instant transactions of funds where both deposits and withdrawals can be performed in a fast and easy way. To use it, you can simply download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. With the application on your phone you have always access to your account. This is the best way to enjoy the experience of online casinos as you can make all your payments by just using your phone. Through it you will make easy payments from your bank account to your casino account. To make a deposit at a casino, Zimpler will not charge you anything. Actually this is an ideal perk.

The advantages you can take when using Zimpler banking solution are quite a few.

  • Higher security It is important to underline that Zimpler company prioritizes its customers' safety. Knowing you are protected gives a good feel which is a good reason to choose this method of payment.
  • Higher speed: Similar to e-wallet transactions, Zimpler offers instant deposit services. Nowadays this is a demand of every player. By making a fast depositing you won't miss the opportunity to enjoy playing your favourite casino games without any delay.
  • Easy and cheap to be used: It's pretty easy to open an account with Zimpler and manage it. You can experience a fantastic Zimpler casino without worrying about additional charges.

Interesting Facts about Depositing with Cards

To keep the fun with gambling it is very important to play responsibly. But nowadays we can see many players have become addicted. Take measures for responsible gambling is the top priority for the British Gambling Commission. As a result Credit card ban has been introduced for use on all types of online and offline gambling in the UK. Te ban is valid only on casino gambling and excludes National Lottery tickets and scratch cards. For players in the UK there are other alternatives to credit cards to play safely at online casinos and these are debit cards.

Visa and Mastercard are two of the most famous card brands in the world and have been operating for many years. People use them as a form of payment for many things, including deposits in online casinos. A deposit through a debit card is usually instant, which allows you to start playing your favourite games as soon as possible. Speaking about fees with debit cards, they still exist. However, they depend mainly on the bank you are with. Casinos do not often charge you for depositing by card, and if they do, all applicable fees must be listed on the cash register page.

Another factor that is important when deciding whether to use a debit card when making a deposit at an online casino is the level of security associated with them. Of course, it is not always convenient to put your card details on the cash register page of an online casino. So think carefully about whether debit cards are the right way to make deposits when making deposits.

What about Depositing with GPay?

Another alternative that is proving interesting in the gaming sector is Google Pay or GPay for short. Since many people prefer to play mobile games now, GPay makes a lot of sense for these gamers with Android devices. This requires you to use the GPay application on your mobile device, which will need one or more cards connected to it. In fact, when you make a deposit, the money is taken from this card, transferred through GPay and as a result ends up in your casino account.

Transactions through this form of payment are free and fast, so you can take advantage of instant deposits this way. Unlike standard debit card deposits, you get an extra layer of security with GPay. This is because your actual card details are not displayed on the casino site, thanks to the GPay method. In addition, although GPay has a strong focus on the Android market as an alternative to Apple Pay for iOS users, it can actually be downloaded by those with this operating system.

Unfortunately, there are few casinos that provide their services through GPay. This makes the choice quite small at the moment. It would be nice to see more gaming sites take advantage of the GPay option in the near future, but for now this is quite limited. Given that anything is possible for the future.

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