Which Payment Method to Choose for Making Deposits in Canada – Instadebit, iDebit or EcoPayz?

Which Payment Method to Choose for Making Deposits in Canada – Instadebit, iDebit or EcoPayz?

Casino players in Canada have different options in their choice of payment methods when making deposits or withdrawing. However, in the selection of intriguing banking methods, there are three payment methods that are preferred by Canadian gamers. These are Instadebit, iDebit and ecoPayz. But if a Canadian online casino offers all these three options, which one to choose? What are the differences between them and what are the benefits of using them?

Join us as we explore these individual banking options and find out which one provides a better service for Canadian gamers.

Advantages of using Instadebit Payment Method

Instadebit is a payment method that works with banks based in Canada. This banking method gives its users the opportunity to transfer money from their bank accounts to the casino. It can also be used to withdraw funds from the selected platform, and setting up an Instadebit account is quick and easy.

One of the main attractive features of Instadebit is that it offers high levels of security for transactions, as well as high-quality customer support and fast transaction time. That's why it is commonly accepted in most online casinos providing services in Canada.

The customer service of Instadebit is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its exclusive encryption technology ensures that all your personal information is stored securely and out of the hands of third parties. All accounts are monitored 24/7 to protect them. On the other hand,  withdrawals made using this payment method are extremely fast, with most transactions taking no more than 72 hours. The other advantage of using Instadebit is that you do not need to disclose your banking information to the casino or third parties.

But remember first to check if the bank you have an account in is maintained by Instadebit. as it doesn't connect to all Canadian banks.

Advantages of using iDebit Payment Method

This is a safe and easy-to-use method for both making deposits and casino withdrawals. Like Instadebit, the iDebit option takes funds from your bank account and deposits them directly at the casino for you. Actually, this payment method works as an intermediary between the two. In the same way, it has partnered with many banks to allow customers to take advantage of this service. The main difference is that iDebit has the ability to function as an electronic wallet or as an intermediary between your account and the casino.

However, as with Instadebit, iDebit is just an intermediary, so none of your bank details will be saved by the payment method. Protection comes in the form of SSL encryption technology, which ensures that all your personal data is kept secure.

iDebit was originally designed to serve people in many countries around the world, but Canadians make the most of it. Deposits made via iDebit will always be completed immediately and this allows you to continue playing some of the best casino games found in the lobby.

It is important to note that transactions made through this service come with a fee. Paying from your online bank account costs $ 1.50 per transfer, while transferring money from your iDebit e-wallet to the casino costs $ 2.00. Of course, some other payment methods may charge more than this, but there are definitely options that do not charge at all. As we mentioned earlier, iDebit also has a presence outside of Canada, which means it's potentially being used on a much wider scale.

Advantages of using EcoPayz Payment Method

Compared to the other two options, ecoPayz is completely different. This is an online e-wallet and as a method of payment, it is similar to Skrill or maybe Neteller. So, making deposits and withdrawals through ecoPayz requires you to have a registered account with the brand. From there, you can upload funds to the e-wallet before transferring them to the casino account in a transaction.

Secure account financing will be experienced with this payment method and you will have the advantage of high-quality data security. Opening an account is free and there is little waiting time to process transactions, both deposits and withdrawals. Virtual card payment options can also be set up via ecoPayz. However, there may be additional charges when it comes to transferring money to and from your e-wallet account.

Unlike Instadebit and iDebit, ecoPayz is not based in Canada and is not operated by a Canadian company. It is instead managed by the UK's Financial Services Authority (FSA). Therefore, it is available in a number of countries besides Canada. However, this does not mean that its work in Canada is anything less than an experience.

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Casino players in Canada have different options in their choice of payment methods when making deposits or withdrawing. However, in the selection of intriguing banking methods, there are…
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