Big Online Casino Winners in Canada

Big Casino Winners in Canada

For those who are in Canada, it may be interesting to learn more about the biggest casino winners in the country. Join us as we look at lucky players who have found themselves on a fantastic payoff from their gameplay and no wonder you find yourself one day in a similar ranking.

Massive Jackpot Wins from the Mega Moolah Slot by Microgaming

Maybe every online slot gamer knows the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming. Mega Moolah is considered to be the world's most popular progressive slot game. And no wonder, a lucky player in Canada was certainly lucky when he won the huge jackpot with an impressive sum of CAD $ 7,561,773 while spinning the reels of the slot.

The lucky player had been registered at the Royal Vegas Casino for seven days. His favorite game was the Microgaming version. Playing from his mobile phone, the happy Canadian could not believe his luck when the stars lined up for him and he received the huge prize. This happened in 2015 and was the biggest win from a mobile casino in history. Seven years ago, another big Mega Moolah winner won in Finland, but he was playing on a desktop computer.

Mega Moolah has proven to be a popular slot among Canadian players, having awarded them several times over the years. In 2020, during the big lockdown, a player chose to visit the online JackpotCity casino and play the game. While doing so, the lucky gamer managed to win the jackpot prize, receiving a payout of CAD $ 16,496,347.95.

In May of that year, another Canadian player also hit a big jackpot. He received a payout of CAD $ 9,959,553.83! These are two big Mega Moolah victories for Canadian players within one or two months. And the winnings for 2020 did not end there Just three days after that victory in May, another Canadian player managed to win almost CAD $ 4.5 million from the slot. And Mega Moolah's fourth Canadian player also won CAD $ 4 million in September 2020.

Numerous variations of the Mega Moolah edition can be found in several large casinos that host Canadian players, so anyone can take advantage of spinning these reels.

Win Big While enjoying the Michael Jackson-themed Slot Game

The Michael Jackson: King of Pop music-themed slot game is one of the most popular versions of WMS. The game focuses on one of the greatest musicians and performers in history. And that's probably what caught Catherine Stokes' attention when she visited Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls, in September 2013. Catherine went on playing the game for an hour, reaching a total of $ 60 in deposits on it before hitting the jackpot. That's right - Catherine had won the jackpot of CAD $ 1,862,447.25. Not bad for just an hour spent enjoying the Michael Jackson-themed slot game. Stokes was not a gambler before visiting the Niagara Falls resort and tagging with a friend about the experience. Her intention for the great victory? Buy a brand-new car!

Incredible Win on Megabucks Jackpot Slot Machine

This funny story happened in 2008. Visiting the Woodbine Racetrack Casino, located in Toronto one day, the lucky casino player of our event decided to play slot machines. And the game of his choice? Megabucks jackpot, a popular edition of the IGT brand. At about 11:30 p.m., the man started with a deposit of $ 1. In fact, it is not known how much money he deposited in total, but it is clear what amount he eventually won. A total of $ 4,755,436.56 was paid out to the lucky gambler from the Megabucks jackpot. This marks the first jackpot win from slot machines at this particular casino since they were installed in 2001.

An Accidental Spin Led to a Happy End with a Big Payout

Some casinos include Senior Citizens' Day in their promotional program. Such a promotional package was provided by OLG Casino Thousand Islands in July 2015. And Shirley Lima's grandmother took the opportunity to participate in this event. As a regular visitor to the casino on a weekly basis, Ms. Lima usually played on penny slot machines with her cash. On this particular occasion, however, she managed to earn some money and instead chose to switch from penny bets to five-cent bets. At one point, feeling thirsty, the lady reached out to get her drink from Pepsi. However, it so happened that she accidentally pressed the Max Bet button. After pressing the spin button, she realized her mistake by seeing how $ 11.25 was bet on that spin.

From this spin she managed to get 34 free spins to play. Her initial thought was that she would at least get back some of the deposited money, but what she got was much more. With a reboot of 160 free spins, its cash value was increased to $ 6,000. A large number of spins followed. With another re-trigger of free spins, her total winnings rose to $ 16,000 in total. "It just kept spinning, spinning and spinning," she said after her victory. After the reels ended with their free spins, the lucky player had amassed a total of  $ 33,858. "It was a complete shock," she said. With the payouts, Ms. Lima said she and her husband plan to go on a trip.

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