Industry News

Macau now soars to first place worldwide in casino revenues
Dec 05, 2014
Macau in China, also known as Macao, has been under Chinese sovereignty and has enjoyed particular prosperity in the past decade, thanks to tourism and also thanks to the building of increasingly more new casinos. It is...
Casino gambling legalization is seen as upcoming in Japan
Dec 05, 2014
Japan is a target for casino gambling, as it is seen as a great area where, should that activity be legalized, there would be a paradise for those who would be the fastest to take the opportunity and start to develop on...
New York insists for casino opening in Saratoga
Dec 05, 2014
The scope of casinos is widening. A recent state law stated that casinos are allowed in New York. But Saratoga takes a different stand, not willing to be an integral part of the expansion process. In the beginning of Mar...
Fans of blackjack will enjoy Bovada Casino
Dec 04, 2014
Bovada Casino will impress with the importance it attaches to blackjack. So it stands out among other casinos which tend to concentrate on slot offers. But it is not just blackjack and the accompanying promotions that at...
Americans favor casinos
Dec 04, 2014
It is often argued how much popularity online gambling enjoys in the United States. Another much discussed topic is the extent to which Americans favor casinos. Surveys typically help to establish the truth on the basis...