Top softwares powering online casinos

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Top Softwares Powering Online Casinos

When you start your game playing on an online casino, you may not at first be aware that you have the pleasure of enjoying fast paced action and crisp graphics, plus appealing background sounds, thanks to the efforts of the developers of that game. Seasoned gamblers know the strengths and attractiveness that go with the games powered by top software developers. They select casinos after looking through the information on the softwares that are used to power them. Below we have outlined the top casino developers, so that you can use that information when looking for a good casino with a great selection of games.



The appearance of Playtech on the field of online casino gaming happened after the coming up of softwares like Microgaming. But thanks to its innovative methods of developing it enjoys no less popularity and ranks among the top developers that reputable casinos rely on.

What contributed to the soaring fame of Playtech was the deal with Marvel Comics. Thanks to it, they have developed games which boast hugely popular characters from these comics, and have attracted crowds of followers.

Another strength on which Playtech relies is its iPoker platform, which joins the palette of games powered by it, amounting to over 400. Among them, you will find not only Slots, but also Table Games, and Live Casino Games.



Microgaming Casinos was the first developer of online casino software, established in 1994. As the pioneer, it is omnipresent. A lot of casinos rely on Microgaming software and on its palette of over 600 games. There, you will find Slots, including Video slots, plus other favorite types such as Roulette and Video Poker. Most games are available both in Instant Play, and also to download. When you download them, you will enjoy a higher quality of both graphics and sounds. If you are an aficionado of progressive jackpots, Microgaming has such games for you. Join these games, because the number of people playing them gets higher and higher, and so does the jackpot.



That is short from Net Entertainment Casinos and is the developer of online casino software active since 2000. The developer has quickly risen in popularity, and is now a household name, owing to its user friendliness offered by the software platform. You will not need to download the games in order to play, and you will have no difficulty monitoring your progress, winning and losing. The diversity of game types is guaranteed, comprising Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, etc. One more reason why you will enjoy NetEnt based games is the high payouts, which will not leave you indifferent.



That is shortened from International Game Technology Casinos. Active as a developer for brick and mortar casinos, recently IGT has been active in online casino gaming development. These games are developed primarily for European casinos, because of the gambling restrictions on imposed in the US. It is enough to mention game titles like X Factor, or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and you will understand why you should look for IGT games on online casinos.



Cryptologic is an Ireland based developer, and is renowned for its games showing off DC Comics characters, plus Superman and Batman, and other such superpowerful heroes. This is another developer who developed a partnership with Marvel Comics until 2008, and now DC Comics are high on its agenda. User friendly and abounding in fascinating game titles with heaps of heroes, Cryptologic is a must for renowned casinos.