Energy Casino to sponsor a car racing team!

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Energy Casino to sponsor a car racing team

Energy Casino is surely in hot demand among European based punters, with such heart melting news of wins, and you can't guess what comes next, to thrill the online gaming audience. You can count on the casino to offer news that will capture everyone's attention, so here it is: Energy Casino is now the new sponsor of a racing team. They are to sponsor the Swedish Jocke Mangs. In Scandinavia, there is the 2016 Porsche Carrera Cup, with 11 races, a racing championship known to many fans, and Jocke Mangs is a household name, so they will be cheering for the team. Of course, the sponsor, Energy Casino, will be cheering wholeheartedly too.

You can count on Jocke Mangs to score wins, as it has had a rich history of wins in the Porshe Carrera Cup. And the championship is a well known and eagerly followed event. Jocke Mangs won it in 2008 and 2009, so these two consecutive wins are great and inspire fans to expect another win now too. The team had a close call in 2015, so this year can be another lucky one for a win, with the sponsorship of Energy Casino. The sponsorship can be the lucky charm to land the great team in the first place again.

As a sponsor, Energy Casino has other captivating tricks up its sleeve, so be among the first ones informed about them, because they have to do with promotions and tournaments, for its dedicated punters. You must be an Energy Casino aficionado, with an account there already, since the headline has captured your attention, or you must be eager to sign up after reading so far. Head to the casino site and check about the promotions, there are chances to win VIP tickets to the 2016 Porsche Carera Cup, so you can attend it in Scandinavia and see Jocke Mangs win, celebrating their strength and the backing of Energy Casino. Plus, the casino must have a string of other surprises in store, so check now, first come, first grab the chances.