Online gambling is much less addictive than gambling in real life

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There is good news about online gambling, coming thanks to an Oxford study. If you are worried about getting addicted, those guys who carried out the study will reassure you. According to them, when you play online, the chances of getting addicted are much lesser.

A lot of people are questioned in studies of that kind, and this Oxford study was no exception. The people questioned reside in the UK, the US, Germany, and Canada. The results are serious information, and so they have been published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

So it turns out just 2-3% of the gamblers questioned experienced over five of the symptoms of addiction, but were not deeply in addiction. The American Psychiatric Association calls it Internet Gaming Disorder. Out of those polled, the majority had played recently. Compare that to the results for gambling on brick and mortar casinos. There, 2.6% of the guys interviewed confirmed they really had severe addiction symptoms.

You may be one of those who use gambling, especially online Slots, to unwind and relieve the daily stress. You can conveniently do that from home, and that is a form of entertainment popular with many online gamblers like you. There are, of course, opponents of online gambling too. They insist that there are hazards of getting addicted. But the new Oxford study comes to disprove that, and this is great news for all those who look forward to getting relief and entertainment, plus wins, in front of their computers or mobile devices after work. What is more, that is not the only study which has arrived at such conclusions. One more study carried out by the Harvard Medical School, more precisely the Division on Addiction, came to the same conclusions. The people interviewed were nearly 3,500. They also affirm that when online gamblers did not become increasingly addicted. On the contrary, when they started losing, they started scaling down their gambling.