New York insists for casino opening in Saratoga, Saratoga residents oppose

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New York insists for casino opening in Saratoga

The scope of casinos is widening. A recent state law stated that casinos are allowed in New York. But Saratoga takes a different stand, not willing to be an integral part of the expansion process. In the beginning of March 2014, there was a hearing attended by several hundred residents of Saratoga, an affluent city in Saratoga County, New York. The hearing dealt with the expansion in casino gambling scope. There was a tug of war among the residents, with half being in favor of the expansion, and the other half opposing it. Each side’s arguments were heard. The resolution which was passed subsequently said that Saratoga should not allow new casinos.

Saratoga is a resort town, famous for its mineral springs. Its attraction as a touristy spot is also due to the racing course which offers more opportunities for active vacations. The course welcomes especially many visitors in the summer. They would be attracted by the opportunity to spend time in a casino where they can try their luck. It is in the interests of New York to have a casino in the vicinity of the course. But the resolution presented an obstacle to that. That was not the first decision of Saratoga’s residents against new casinos. The officials of Saratoga insisted that recently, several months earlier, most of the residents opposed the opening of new casinos in the state.

The hearing in March was full of discussions, with different speakers taking the floor to express their opinion for or against the adding of new casinos to their touristy palette. Those who opposed the casino expansion insisted that a new casino would not aid the business of the local business owners. They were joined by people who pointed out that they thought their children would have to pay for the opening of a new casino to entice tourists along with the mineral springs and the racing course. There were speakers sticking to the opposite stand, too. They outlined their expectations for new revenues to be generated by a new casino, and insisted that those revenues would add substantially to the overall budget of the Saratoga County. Another obvious benefit would be the opening of new jobs, one more advantage that any city should appreciate.

It should also be reminded that New York has been striving to rank among the top gambling centers in the northeastern area, a strife that has been clear in the course of the past few years. Saratoga, which is in the vicinity of New York, has become part of the plan for casino gaming opportunities expansion. New York state officials are aware of the attractiveness of New York for tourists, and of its large population, and see the grounds as especially auspicious for becoming an enticing haven for casino gaming fans. There is already the example of Nevada, an attractive haven for casino aficionados on the West Coast. Saratoga, with its facilities which definitely attract tourists, is seen by New York state officials as a target for expanding casino gaming.