Tips offered by casino pros to help you grab your life changing win

Tips offered by casino pros to help

When you decide to play on an online casino, you will expect to unwind, too, having pleasure while gaming. Often punters also dream of hitting a hefty win, so hefty that they could be able to retire and get over with all their duties. A lucrative jackpot would mean the end of money related worries. So it is important to choose a casino which would take the utmost care to provide its customers not only with unforgettable games, but, too, would be proud to have winners and would boast them on its home page.

Like many other punters, you could often think about the real possibilities of winning big. When you make your deposits, you would naturally want to have returns on them, at least not have losses, but also to have lucrative yields. A heap of a win would enable you to make your dream of wallowing in luxury come true. You would be able to splash out on great life comforts and conveniences, and would not have to get up and go to work on weekdays any more.

We are here to convince you that winning big is possible, and you can also hear that from experienced casino dealers who have seen real cases of that. They also share some indispensable tips without which your dream win would not be possible. These tips are precious because they are pro tips, and worth having in mind. The ground rules outlined by dealers are all related to the perks you get on online casinos.


Rule One: Slot variance, or taking the risk

There are, indeed, casino games which will enable you to win with skills and strategies. But perennial favorites like Slots bring you wins thanks to luck. So you should learn to rely on luck. You cannot estimate how much luck will come your way with each of the Slots you find appealing. They have different variance, which means different extent of risk. With some Slots, you can win frequently, but the payouts will be smaller, whereas a higher variance Slot would not yield frequent wins, but they would be heftier. So Rule Number One is about Slot variance and how you can win, taking a risk of winning or losing when you play it. An example of a low variance Slot is Mega Moolah, which will yield lower but frequent payouts. On the other hand, if you are keen to take a heftier risk, we can recommend Dead or Alive, a high variance Slot.


Rule Two: Grab the opportunity offered with a casino's first deposit bonus

On the online gaming territory, each casino will try to grab your attention with a thrilling first deposit bonus. What they offer is the opportunity for you to receive money easily, when you lodge your first amount with the casino. The percentages offered are irresistible – they are the way of attracting punters and winning over novices to casino gaming. Do not miss that opportunity, it is also a step on the way to wins, and these wins can later increase more, reaching your dream amount. When you see an offer of a 100% deposit bonus for your dirst deposit, you should not give it a second thought. Often, like on Guts Casino, the first deposit bonus offer comes with a pleasing number of free spins, which also merit your attention. In the next rule we will explain why. What is more, some casinos offer bonuses for the next few deposits, too, again with free spins, like the offers on Guts Casino.


Rule Three: Free spins merit your attention

As we mentioned in the previous rule, you will often get offers of free spins together with sign up bonuses, and also on your next few deposits. The number of free spins extended to pamper you will vary, but they can even reach as many as 100. The free spins that come with your welcome offer will place a worthy perk into your hands. Thanks to them, you will be able to try more games, and there you will not risk losing your own money.

We would like to remind you that you should also read the terms and conditions before claiming your free spins. There may be some limitations, so you should be aware of what terms you will have to stick to.  


Rule Four: Do try your luck at playing for a progressive jackpot

Your dream of a mind boggling win would not be possible without a progressive jackpot. It will make you the hefty winner you are dreaming of becoming. With luck on your side, and playing for a progressive jackpot, you can win a real heap by playing just a single Slot. For the purpose, you will need to make the maximum wager, so that you can be enabled to play for the progressive jackpot. The huge win is worth wagering to the utmost. Remember, too, that in progressive jackpot games, each time you place a bet the jackpot goes up too. Thanks to the huge popularity of progressive jackpot Slots, numerous punters play them, and the jackpot is growing up and up all the time.

Just to give you an idea of how much you could win, let us mention the €2,633,052 recently won at Guts Casino. The punter who was lucky to grab it played Arabian Nights.

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