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25 Line Aces & Faces

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The blue curtain and the gold ropes will present the stage to free online Video Poker, with this Aces & Faces, 25 line game. The Bet and the Win circular buttons will stand out on the right. At the bottom, the following buttons will invite you to free play: Paytable, Bet One, Bet Max, and Deal. You can change your online bet, up or down in value, using the minus and plus buttons bottom left. When you open the paytable, you will see the list of hands, starting with the lowest, Jacks or Better, and going upwards as follows: Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Straight Flush, Four 2's Through 10's, Four jacks Queens or Kings, Four Aces, and the highest is Royal Flush. The paytable will also give you the Minimum Bet, the Maximum Bet, the Double Up Limit, and the Maximum Rounds.

Video Poker is a great type of gaming for enjoying yourself and winning, and with 25 hands that will seem even more attractive. Playtech has thought of providing more perks, with the 25 lines. Play and strive to win, and grab payouts for 4 of a kind Jacks or Better. You will need to get minimum one pair of Jacks, to form a draw hand.

When each deal starts, you will get 5 cards, and as you know from your practice in Video Poker, you will choose which cards to hold, and which you will discard, so that they will be replaced. What will be special about this game is that you will have the cards that you hold in 25 different hands. Each second draw will become an independent occurrence. You will surely get better odds with this peculiarity. Just imagine that you may start with Jacks or Better in the opening hand – that will mean you will get 25 times a payout, the minimum one, or even a heftier one.

Play and use the strategy you have already built. What you have gained as experience in playing free Video Poker Slots with single hand will come in handy here. There will be 25 deals now with the 25 lines, so the odds will be more auspicious. With the multiplied chances of wins and payouts, this game will appeal to those who are striving not only for the thrills of poker gaming, but also for grabbing more payouts. The 25 deals will guarantee chances of multiple payouts, to enable winners to wrap up their Video Poker gaming with more lucrative results. Lucrativity can be upped more with a risk game in which you can double the wins you have scored, or gamble to up half of the wins.

Playtech are especially good at delivering supreme Video Poker gaming experience, with their games combining sleek graphics and features to attract and reward players. In this 25 lines game of Aces & Faces, you will find lots to be pleased by:

  • the clean design and easy and understandable rules
  • the increased odds with the 25 hands
  • the opportunities to apply some strategies you have formed in Video Poker gaming online.
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