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4-Line Deuces Wild

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Poker will invite you for unforgettable gaming online, with free Video Poker Slots. Thanks to Playtech, you have variants with differences, to make you enjoy this game with different peculiar features. If you are dedicated to entertaining yourself in this way, in free play, enjoy, too, the 4 Line Deuces Wild. Here, Playtech will offer its invariable bundle of great graphics, convenient arrangement, and game features to absorb you.

As you look at the cards, you will also notice the other buttons. The three ones, typically at the bottom and centrally, are in green: these are Bet One, to the right of it Bet Max, and further right the darker green Deal button. The Plus and Minus buttons are in orange, on the left, also on the bottom line. The green Limit button is on the left, too, but a little further upward. As you click on it, you will see the limits: 0.20 for Min Bet, 100 for Max Bet, 2,000 as the Double Up Limit, and there are also the Max Rounds. These buttons are staples for Playtech, and the arrangement is like in its other Video Poker games.

As is seen, the title features the 4 Line component. So you can compare it to a 4 reel Slot game. You will hold the card you want to in the bottom line, and you will draw the second card set. The cards will be dealt randomly to all the hands. And with these 4 lines, winning opportunities are sure to be heftier. You can only play it with all of these 4 lines. If you are after the top win possible here, you must place the highest bet.

The winning hands, as seen in the paytable over the cards, are as follows, from the lowest to the highest one. The lowest is the Three of a Kind. Then over it is Straight, and over it is Flush. Full House comes next. Over it is Four of a Kind. Then you see Straight Flush, over it Five of a Kind, then Wild Royal Flush. The next upward is Four Deuces, and the highest one is the Natural Royal Flush. In the paytable, you will find the information of interest for you, about how much you can win with each of the hands.

The charm of Deuces Wild is in the Deuces, as you can expect. That is a feature which makes it different from other, classic Poker variants. The Deuce will act as any card which is necessary, to obtain results in your favor. The possibility of making up hands that are otherwise harder to get is now larger, and hands that you would not be able to get in classic poker now come feasible in this option. The game variant, with 4 lines, is not a difficult and over complicated one, but it certainly is distinguished by a plethora of thrills.

Seasoned Poker gamers know that with simpler free Slot Video Poker, you can deploy more strategy, so if you are after that, play this Deuces Wild game. You will find it worthwhile:

  • with the simpler gaming
  • with the Deuces capabilities
  • with the possibilities for plotting your strategy
  • with a gambling option, which further stores chances for upping your wins.
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