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4 Line Aces and Faces

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Aces & Faces is a game which is known and appeals to players of Video Poker free games. This variant, with 4 lines, means that you will use one hand, 4 times, in free play. The online dealing will take place in the traditional way well known in Video Poker. There will be one hand of 5 cards dealt. You will have the task of deciding which of the five cards you will keep, and which you will discard. And because there are 4 lines in this game, when you select the cards to hold, the next will be the dealing of new cards, which will occur on each of the 4 lines. There will be an individual deck used for each hand in this 4 line game. So that means for each of the hands the outcome will be different. Playtech have one more Aces & Faces game, a 25 lines one. On the one hand, the appeal of 25 lines is much higher. The excitement will be more absorbing. But on the other hand, with so many lines, you will bet a lot, and if you are not lucky, you may lose a large amount. So for lower risk gaming, the 4 line option is better. It will have plenty of emotions as you go on playing.

You will see the typical board on the screen, with the buttons for reducing or upping the bet, bottom left, then Bet One, followed by Bet Max, and by Deal. The Bet and Win buttons will be bottom, right. Over the cards, you will see the paytable. In it, the hands will be listed, together with the payouts. The lower one will be Jacks or Better, and then, in ascending order, you will have Two Pairs, then Three of a Kind, followed by Straight, then by Flush, Full House, after these will come Four 2's Through 10's, then Four Jacks, Queens or King, and the last three are Straight Flush, then Four Aces, and the highest: Royal Flush.

You will see the four hands, stacked one over the other, on the screen. As dedicated poker fans know, the main hand is the one which is located closest to the bottom. After you choose which of the cards dealt to you you would like to hold, they will be put in place. Then the dealing will occur, and for each of the hands the action will be completed separately, one hand at a time.

As usual in Video Poker free games by Playtech, you will have the Gamble feature coming up after a winning hand. You will be offered to gamble your entire win, or half your win. You can choose from these, depending on what amount you wish to gamble and undertake the risk. You can, too, choose not to accept the gambling option, and just collect your wins.

Aces & Faces, with 4 lines, will prove exciting:

  • with the 4 hands and the outcomes that occur separately for each of them
  • with the payouts with the hands that you can score, according to the paytable data
  • with the additional gambling opportunity.
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