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Before you start playing this free online Video Poker game, by Playtech, let us explain in short what its peculiarities are. Its other name is Joker Wild, and this prompts that the Joker will have the role of a Wild. Otherwise this is Jacks or Better, for punters to enjoy online. So that means you can avail yourself of the Joker, and replace any of the other hands in the deck, for a winning hand, in free play. The fact that there is going to be a Joker means one card in addition will be available with the standard 52 cards in a deck, and get the total of 53 cards. You must know the essential thing about the strategy here, and it is very easy to pick up. In general, the hands dealt will be of two kinds, hands with a Joker, and hands without a Joker. So you ought to be informed about what to undertake with either of these kinds of hands. You can find tips listing what to do with the cards online, and note the actions that you must undertake. For example, you must do the following if the hand includes a Joker. You must keep 4 cards, to a Royal Flush, also you must continue to pay high cards pays, with Kings and Aces. Another thing is to hold a Flush of 4 cards without a King or an Ace. And you must always remember that the Joker will be the important part of the combo you are striving to get.

You will start by being dealt 5 cards. As we mentioned above, you must aim at keeping the best cards, all of them. With the best cards, the winning hands will be made up. You ought to discard the other hands. To keep the cards, you can use the Hold button available under the specific card, or you can click on the card. After you hold all the cards you think must be held, click on Deal. The cards you have not held will be automatically discarded by the dealer.

Another peculiarity in this game you must remember and use is that when you have a hand in which the Joker participates, that hand will not yield such a large payout as the natural hand. And yet another option you can avail yourself of is that after you get a winning hand, you can use the Gamble feature, to gamble all of your win amount and win double, or you can opt  for gambling half of your win.

What you will like when you play Video Poker free with this game is that it is simple, it is just needed to make winning hands using the Joker. A list of hands and payouts is handy to see in the paytable. In addition to the other hands, you will get a Joker Royal Flush.

For poker enthusiasts, Joker Poker will yield:

  • simple but appealing gaming
  • excitement with the power of the Joker acting as Wild
  • the additional hand opportunity, the Joker Royal Flush.
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