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10’s Or Better

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Free Video Poker games to play offered by Playtech are familiar to aficionados of this game that everyone can, too, enjoy in free play. Now to your attention comes 10's or Better, to play and enjoy online, similar to Jacks and Better. You will notice the similarity if you have had experience in playing Jacks or Better, but the difference will be that the minimum winning hand will be a pair of 10's, whereas in Jacks or Better it will be a pair of Jacks. And there is a top payout, which can come into your hands with a Royal Flush in this game. Plus, if you are into Gamble features, you can use this opportunity here. With a winning hand, you will be offered to gamble and win double your win, or win double half of your win. The deck used in 10's or Better is of 52 cards.

Naturally the maximum payout will be the most luring goal. So you ought to get the best possible hand. But remember that if you do not bet large, even getting the greatest hand will not yield a massive win. So you must wager large. Small wins will also get added together, but the adding up will take some time.

Make your bet, choose Bet One, that is single bet, or Bet Max, that is the maximum bet. Then the clicking of Deal will start the gaming. The dealing that will follow will provide 5 cards, and you ought to select which ones you will hold. The other cards, which you will opt for not holding, will be replaced with fresh cards. The winning hand will get a payout when winning emerges. You can look up the payouts in the table, which is featured over the cards. And, too, the Gamble feature will be activated too, with a winning hand. One choice will be to ignore that opportunity, and the other will be to gamble. Now engage in playing, and customize the environment on the screen. You can customize the general settings, the sound volume, the game settings. You will not have difficulty with the concept and the rules, so smooth gaming is guaranteed.

The Gamble feature deserves special mention. It will appear as an offer, as we mentioned, following a winning hand. Then you can decide to go for it, or to just collect the win made. In case you are in the mood for gambling, then make another choice, to gamble the entire amount won, or half of it, which is less risky.

The appeal of free online Video Poker comes up with each game by Playtech, so that you can enjoy:

  • the excitement of playing for a winning hand, and getting the payout
  • the heftiness of payouts which come with the maximum bets
  • the Video Poker environment created by Playtech with crisp graphics.

And with the added possibility which the Gambling option can yield, there are hefty reasons to play and experience the charm of this game to which so many players become susceptible.

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