8 suggested fabulous Free Online Slots Geeks can enjoy

8 suggested fabulous Free Online Slots Geeks can enjoy

Till recently the geeks were portrayed as pimply teens with spectacles that waste all their time in their bedroom page through funny magazines. At present geeks are reigning the world, they day, particularly the virtual space.

All in all, being a geek is fine, or agreeable at least. No matter what is your mania about – the fancy world of video games on your or PC or console, or the excitement of the board games, or ever the imaginary reality of the comics, geeks are the ones who has affection for something so profound, they can’t resist to share it with other people who have the same addiction.


Comics and movies

Geeks who freak about superheroes and Marvel theme have been recently favored with some astounding and staggering movies.

The newest premiere, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, turned into a blockbuster and what can be more pleasing than that

For us who like to spin the reels of a masterfully crafted slot, the market offers a heap of brilliant casino games that fill all the boxes of geeks quiz. While it is not yet clear if a slot drawn by the Guardians of the Galaxy slot thrilling adventure will be released, at least we hope so, we still have plenty exciting slots at our disposal to take pleasure in.

Find here 8 online slots selected particularly for geeks, who can play them free of charge at our Free Slots Section!


Free slots for geeks

  • Warlords: Crystals of Power featured by NetEnt –  Undertake a grand quest round the world on the reels of this adventurous slot, filled with mighty and mystic warlords. Find the supremacy of the three crystals and go away with huge wins while enjoying a thrilling gameplay. Look as the warlords collide and battle for dominance throughout the free spins and be compensated with their powerful weapons.  
  • Lost Vegas featured by Microgaming – For zombies addicted geeks who cannot stop wanting more and more of them, Lost Vegas is the ideal slot. Which side will you take, of the zombies creeping through a post end of the world Los Vegas or of the humanity trying to survive? It is up to you to pick! Each game mode has distinctive symbols and special options of its own.Place a fight or last, each of the two ways will lead you to the win.
  • Game of Thrones featured by Microgaming – Being inspired by the notorious narratives by GRR Martin and world-famous television sequences bearing the same name, Game of Thrones is indicative of the geek philosophy. Warfare, dragons, courage and the undead are being involved in the action. To win cash on free spins, you will have to define yourself which house you belong to, the House of Lannister, the Baratheons, the Targaryens or the House of Stark. Each of the four houses has free spins and special options of its own, so pick prudently.
  • Max Damage featured by Microgaming – The space is no more a boundary for the action due to this entertaining and odd cartoonish slot. Max Damage is demolishing off and you may accompany him in his fight against aliens deep into space. Though there isn’t any payline formation, you have 243 ways to score throughout the reels of this fun slot.  Activate the free spins and your earnings will be multiplied by two.
  • The Dark Knight Rises featured by Microgaming – A classic comics, this entertaining slot is themed on the Warner Bros film of 2012 presenting every one of your beloved personalities. You Cat Woman, Batman, Bane, and Commissioner Gordon depicted as symbols on the slot’s reels. The main encounter on this slot is between Bane and Batman, that is the reason you can activate free spins round taking the side of either of these fellows. Every bonus game has its own special options to offer.
  • Jurassic Park featured by Microgaming – Dinosaurs are liked by everyone. In case you are a Jurassic Park addict, you will find this slot of 243 paylines and themed on the 1993 original film, very captivating. Movie personalities and ferocious dinosaurs show on the reels and are depicted as symbols which will clash, roar, and rip off their road to huge gains! Plenty bonus games are waiting for you, different free spins for every key dinosaur and a T-rex Alert Mode.
  • Dracula featured by NetEnt – Human minds has always been obsessed by vampires, especially by the forefather of them all, count Dracula, who craves to join up with his mortal love? The slot presents 40 paylines on reels that are really gloomy, subdued and loaded with squeaky ways to gains. Watch out for the abundant bonus options containing the accidental Bat Feature and the rounds of free spins where you will see Dracula joining his handsome Lady at last.
  • Hellboy featured by Microgaming – Enjoy the combination of classic comics illustrations and modern visuals approaches on the reels of this coming from hell Hellboy slot. The reddish Satan and his many escorts show on the reels of this murky slot during your tries to win big time. Bonus options grant one of a kind gaming experiences that only Supermode, the Gamble feature and the Underworld bonus can provide. You can leave as the huge winner and the gigantic 10,000x jackpot is to be blamed for.

It is a small fraction of the geeky slots you will not want to skip at our Free Slots. Stop by today and select whatever slot you prefer – no need of an account, signing up, or making payments.

Don’t skip the abundance that our Free Slots have in pile for you.

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